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10 Instagram Accounts that Have Been Bringing Me Joy

It’s a rough season right now, but I’m trying to find pockets of joy in the world wherever I can, and that includes through joy-bringing, inspirational Instagram accounts. As we wind down Women’s Month, I want to highlight 10 Black women-run Instagram accounts that have been putting huge smiles on my face lately.

1. @blackgirlunboxing

Listen I love to see us in our bag and love to see what new goodies the Black Girl Unboxing community is treating themselves with!

2. @tenickab

I just LOVE Tenicka’s style — even though she dresses way more colorfully than I do! So many chic pairings + her captions are always uplifting but not in a frou frou way.

3. @aliciacheekphd

Alicia is HILARIOUS. Don’t let her feed fool you. If you watch her reels, you will 100% laugh! I love how she shoots most of them in front of her son’s crib. So relatable.

4. @hayet.rida

I sing Hayet’s praises often, because she is not only a boss, but is incredibly vulnerable and open online. Her ability to enforce boundaries and live her best life brings me joy.

5. @nnennab

Another hilarious account to follow is Nnenna. Her reels with her parents CRACK ME UP. I’ve seriously been doubled over on the floor laughing at her content.

6 @styledbycasanova

I discovered Nadya’s account last year and I am just so happy for her! Her house and self-care routines are so beautiful, even though I cannot understand how she cleans each and every single day. She just radiates joy and happiness.

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7. @sadesolomon

Sade and I go way back, and I miss her deeply! I’ve been loving her recent colorful expressions, including the pink hairstyle she just got!

8. @mikaela.pabon

I am SO happy for Mikaela’s rise in popularity! Not that follower count matters, but I supported Dressed in Joy years ago before she decided to pivot to colorfully printed athleisure, so its exciting to see her finally earning her much-deserved flowers.

9. @missmandii

Listen, Mandi went and cut her hair and she’s even more radiant than before! Although people grieve in different ways and online appearances don’t always tell the full story, there’s something really encouraging about a person who has been through a lot and still chooses joy.

10. @ayshaharun

Another woman who has gone through things but is still choosing joy! Although nobody owes the internet anything, I’ve admired Aysha’a ability to share what she wants and create boundaries for the parts of her personal life that are off limits. As you can tell, boundaries bring me joy!

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Are you intentional about following social media accounts that make you feel positive? Do you have any joy-bringing or inspirational Instagram accounts to share?

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  1. Thank you for these awesome accounts. I already followed Nnenna from the Don’t Rush video but Tenickab and Alicia Cheeks have been a lovely addition.