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15 Things Every Female Graduate Student Needs

As someone entering the 21st grade – yup, you read that right – school is now a year round affair. Graduate school is a completely different beast than high school and even college, but if you’re going to even try to get through it, here are some things you need.

Books & Technology

Books & Technology Every Female Graduate Student Needs | KlassyKinks.com

The first thing you need is an Amazon Prime Student subscription. I’ve had an Amazon Prime Student subscription since the 13th grade (or freshman year of college). I use my membership to make purchases from Amazon probably twice a week. You can sign up for a six-month, sponsored trial to access free two-day shipping, thousands of movies and TV shows, exclusive college deals, and more! After that, it’s just $49 a year — half the price of a regular Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Prime Student lets you get books quickly without getting ripped off by the bookstore. Sometimes you can start reading a book on Kindle while you wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. This Getting Mentored in Graduate School book is crucial because mentorship can make or break your graduate career.

It’s likely that you’ll have a laptop that you’ll be lugging around, so make it distinct from everyone else’s by getting a unique case. There are lots of funky laptop cases, or you can make your own like I did using marble contact paper. If you don’t have a laptop, you should definitely invest in a tablet and keyboard so you can work on the go.

I don’t know how you could get through graduate school (or life) without headphones. If you don’t have Beats money, these Amazon Basics headphones are a great option for all of $15.

You’ll also need a planner or notebook for classes where laptops aren’t allowed. I prefer small ones like this one from Mead’s Cambridge Notes collection. You also don’t want to be that person who interrupts your section because they don’t have a pen. Remember, this is graduate school, not the fourth grade.


Beauty Products Every Female Graduate Student Needs | KlassyKinks.com

Graduate school usually means more all-nighters than you pulled in college, especially if you’re like me and leave your 25 page term paper until the last minute. For camouflaging your under-eye bags, use the inexpensive NYX concealer wands to swipe some paraben-free magic under your eyes. Then set it with Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting Powder. The yellow tint is perfect for brown girls and it doesn’t crease and betray you like other powders!

The one skincare product that’s had the most impact on my  skin is Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Power Cx30 Vitamin C Brightening Serum. I apply this every night under my moisturizer and in the mornings if I’m not leaving the house. It’s helped lighten my hyperpigmentation and smooth my skin texture! I actually learned about at Sephora but Amazon has it for nearly half the price.

A cute sleep mask is a necessity for quick naps in the library, or getting some shut-eye when your roommate is pulling an all nighter.


Wardrobe Staples Every Female Graduate Student Needs | KlassyKinks.com

You will probably give at least one presentation while in graduate school, so invest in a little black dress that can transition to happy hour. Every outfit – even shorts and a tee-shirt – immediately looks “adult” white a white blazer. A colorblocked tote bag lets you carry all your books and your laptop in top style. To get extra height and confidence to prove your point, wear a low pair of interesting closed-toe heels.

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  1. I’m in graduate school for English, so these are my must-haves

    1) Don’t forget a sturdy bookshelf for all of your books!
    2) a comfortable desk chair because you’ll spend so much time writing papers.
    3) get a really strong and large tote bag. On some days I teach in the AM, go to class, and then teach again/tutor in the PM.


  2. Great post, I am not in graduate school but I am attending college. I,also, Amazon prime students membership. I do enjoy the membership of being an Amazon member. I like purchasing books a lot cheaper than from school prices.