150+ Black Owned Home Decor Brands

A few weeks ago, when people muted their social media and posted black squares, there was a resurgence in the desire to support Black owned businesses. I’ve been dedicated to buying Black all year long, but was focusing solely on fashion, since that was the majority of my spending in 2019. Now that we’re home all the time, I’ve been spending a lot more money on home decor, so decided to extend my commitment to buying Black to the home as well. Over the past few weeks, the Ijeoma Kola team has been compiling lists of Black owned owned fashion, beauty, baby, and home decor businesses, and we’ve identified over 150 Black owned home decor brands! From furniture makers and artists to wallpaper and accessory sellers, there is something for everyone in this list. Keep scrolling to read about 20 Black owned home decor brands, and download the full list of over 150 Black owned home decor brands here.

Ijeoma Kola reading book on balcony with decor from Black owned home decor brands

Bespoke Binny

Natalie Manima’s pillows, lampshades, aprons, oven mitts, table runners and more use African prints to spice up practical homeware. I built my balcony design plan around this black & white lampshade, but she also sells a DIY lampshade making class + kit that I’m tackling this weekend to make a custom lampshade for TKB’s nursery.

Yellow Clare box with painting tins and equipment


Nicole Gibbons has designed a whole new paint shopping experience by selling paint + all the supplies you need to do it yourself. This two-minute quiz will help you narrow your choices between the brand’s soft neutral hues and more vibrant hues to find the right paint color to match your room’s furniture and lighting.

Table, wall art and lampshade in tree design from black owned home decor brand

Come Home Design

Carmen Neely’s home decor shop is relatively new, but her selection of carefully curated textiles, hardwood furniture, wall art, and coasters, all feel evoke a feeling of warmth and homeliness. I’ve got my eyes on these leather pillows to place on the white couches in our living room.

3 white plant pots with wooden legs and green plants from black owned home decor brand

Eco Vibes

Leonard and Andrea Allen have built a community-focused brand that supports local designers, women, family-owned businesses and small makers and manufacturers. They house a wide array of aesthetic planters that can be used for outdoor, indoor, and hanging plants.

Black woven basket with multicolored accents

Expedition Subsahara

Purchasing a woven basket from Expedition Sub Sahara supports Sofi Seck’s mission to build a school for young girls in Senegal; plus you get authentic handmade baskets made by African artisans to use to store laundry, blankets, toys, or anything else that needs to be hidden in plain sight.

Framed art of Michelle Obama image from black owned home decor brand

Frequency of Love

Zoe Sinclair‘s digital collages center inspiring Black figures from the past and present. Her gallery includes civil rights icons like Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela, artists like James Baldwin, Tupac, and Aretha Franklin, and contemporary greats like Chimamanda Adichie and Kendrick Lamar. She also sells adult coloring books, and custom orders!

Glass mug with religious scripture etching

Imani and Community

Pauline Masika founded Imani and Co, a Christian faith-based lifestyle brand that incorporates the Word and teachings of God in its creations. Her Etsy shop has a number of beautiful glass mugs etched with encouraging scriptures that would make perfect gifts. She also sells jewelry!

Pot plant on wooden table and wall art

K Apostrophe

K’era Morgan is a Los Angeles based artist who hand paints designs and then has them made into beautiful statement textiles for your home. Her collection of blankets, wall tapestries, throw pillows, and notebooks are sure to be unique conversation starters in your home.

Wood and silicone kitchen utensils with apples and asparagus


Karibe has a great combination of quality kitchen utensils, cast iron skillets, and stainless steel saucepans that will add spice to your cooking. Founded by Vernon Williams, the NJ based company (woot woot!) also has signature recipes on their website for when you’re out of dinner ideas.

Sculpture of man riding horse on black table and boat wall art from black owned home decor brand

Mitchell Black

If you’re looking to transform your walls with beautiful wallpaper designs, Mitchell Black has dozens of traditional, peel and stick, and tiled wallpapers in various styles, colors, and patterns. Plus they offer a free consultation to help you choose the right wallpaper for your space, and will tell you how much you need to buy based on your dimensions.

2 plants in multicolored pots on wooden table from black owned home decor brand

Pepper Palm

We all need some extra motivation to be great plant moms. The vibrant colours and exciting patterns that go into Pepper Palm’s planters can bring any space to life and encourage you to be present for your plant babies.

Living room set up with African inspired home decor and Black Lives Matter on TV screen

Posh Candle Co

These soy candles with interesting sayings in bold graphic font are both deliciously fragrant and stylish. With over 20 varieties – that are often sold out – you just might find yourself getting addicted to them all.

Ijeoma Kola reading magazine with hair dryer and 'The World Is Yours' wall art

Rayo and Honey

Rayo and Honey is made in Brooklyn and specializes in canvas printed motivational wall art that are perfect for a gallery wall or even hung in a nursery. I’ve had my “The World is Yours” pennant for years, and have officially passed in on to our son.

Chair in room with multiple framed paintings on black walls

Sheila Bridges

CNN and The New York Times both crowned her America’s Best Interior Designer. Don’t even get us started on the list of personalities she’s worked with! Her eclectic wallpaper designs would be a great addition to bold and creative interior spaces.

African inspired wall are from black owned home decor brand

Studio Nom

After my macrame wall art adventure, I have a newfound appreciation for artists who work with string or yarn – it is tedious! Next time I’m in the market for a wall hanging, I’ll save myself the stress and buy one from Studio Nom, a fiber art workshop based in the Netherlands.

Branches in white pot and image in black frame on wall from black owned home decor brand

That Artista

I’m not sure how or when I first discovered Philece’s work, but she was the very first Black owned home decor business I ever supported (also the first original artwork I purchased rather than some Marshalls/Target canvas piece). Her ability to capture the Black female form in detail is absolutely amazing.

Rings in white and gold coasters

TNT Goods

Include some art on your dining table by adding TNT Goods’ coasters. The shop, run by best friends Jesicca and Simone, also offers handmade decorative trays, trinket dishes, soap dishes, keychains, stickers, and pin-back buttons.

Colorful print bedding


Unwrp boasts an eco-friendly, sustainable, creative alternative to traditional, boring wrapping paper. Perfect for sending gifts to all your friends whose birthdays you can no longer celebrate in person or framing as wall art (this is my favorite high impact photo frame btw). The prints also come in pillow covers, greeting cards, wine boxes, and scarves.

Do No Harm But Take No Shit back candle

125 Collection

The 125 Collection – an urban luxury candle brand – coins its name from the legendary “125th Street” located in Harlem (which I miss dearly!). The brand fuses fun, sass and individuality in their messaging with fragrance profiles that include Metallic Rose, Lavender & Sage and Spicy Blood Orange.

Black model in purple dress in purple doom with purple furniture

54 Kibo

54 Kibo sources modern and contemporary African made and designed home goods from all across the continent (hence the 54). The online boutique has a wide array of home goods at different price points, from nursery decor to bespoke furniture.

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  1. I don’t have a favorite yet but am glad to see there is a website for this. Definitely right up my alley!! Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Just bought a house and trying to fill it with black owned brands so I don’t have a favorite yet!

  3. I thought 54 Kibo was owned by two white women… It is my understanding that they employee some Black women but they are not Black owned.

  4. Clare makes THE BEST paint! I paid extra to supply my own paint from Clare when getting my house painted and the guys said it was the best they’ve ever used. Plus it’s actually zero VOC (including the coloring agents!).

  5. Thank you for sharing this! We just moved to a new house and am so happy to have these sources for paint, lighting, and decor and support black artists and entrepreneurs! Already ordered my swatches from Clare. Would love to see the full list. Thank you!

  6. I can’t tell you the sheer joy it brings me to go through this exquisite list of black owned designs and note my favorites! Thank you for your thoughtful creation. How can I access the full list, Sis?! This website is everything excellent. Check out @natalieodecor with her brilliant originals and prints. @theblackhomedesign is about to crack it all open with their upcoming new store. @harlemcandlecompany is timeless elegance and the candle holder becomes a cocktail glass.

  7. Would love to have Mismatch added to your black owned home decor brands list. Mismatch pairs silk pillowcases with cotton sheets that match. Customers will enjoy all of the beauty benefits from sleeping on silk pillowcases and the comfort of soft, cool cotton sheets.

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