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2021 Travel Bucket List

I knew going into 2020 as a new mom that I wouldn’t be doing that much traveling, but this December was supposed to be my month of travel adventures ? Since the struggle of 2020 robbed us all of our travel dreams and plans, I am even more recommitted to prioritizing travel in my life once it’s safe enough to do so. Since it *might* be looking like the world will be functional again next year, here are some 2021 travel destinations that are on my bucket list! It’s unlikely that I’ll be able to hit all of them in 2021, but I’m putting it out there so God knows the desires of my heart!

Zanzibar, Tanzania

I feel like Zanzibar is to Nairobi as Tulum is to New York — it’s a short flight away where bougie people go to escape the cold and flex on their friends.

Cappadocia/Istanbul, Turkey

I never thought about Turkey as a destination before 2020 but the more I see it, the cooler it looks!

Maasai Mara, Kenya

We’ve done safaris, but we haven’t done THE safari which is in Maasai Mara. I think it would be cool to camp outdoors, and there are so many luxury camp experiences that seem so idyllic. The Safe Journey Retreat won’t be going to the Mara but it’d be a great add-on if you wanted to join and extend your trip.

Arizona, USA

Every time I see a picture of Arizona I get mad at myself for not visiting before we moved to Kenya. Or maybe Instagram made it popular. Either way, it’s so beautiful and is definitely one of my dream 2021 travel destinations!

Calabar, Nigeria

I MUST go to Nigeria in 2021, and I would love to attend the Calabar Carnival in December. My parents went a few years ago and I’ve been saying I wanted to go for years, so it’s time to finally make it happen.

What’s on your travel bucket list? Have you added any new spots recently?

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  1. I can only dream of travelling because I don’t think the Australian government would be opening the borders anytime soon for us to resume international travel without the need to quarantine in a hotel upon return (that’s a $3000+ hit!).

    But i’ll be looking to visit Italy, France and Switzerland when travelling becomes an option again

    xo Stephanie

    1. Dang! But that’s great that they’re being super serious, I wonder if their policies will change once the vaccine becomes more widely available.

  2. whew. i really hope you’re right and 2021 is indeed the year we are able to travel again because the way these slow deliveries of vaccines are going hmmm. but when ever outside opens again, italy is on my list.

  3. Girl, I am blown away from the photos. I would definitely like to go to Tanzania,Turkey, Kenya and Nigeria. It’s so beautiful in these places across the ?.