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5 Beauty Trends That Are Doing the Most

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been getting more and more into beauty, and I’m currently obsessed with healthy and glowing skin, both through proper skincare and the help of a great highlighter. Having immersed myself a bit more in the beauty world, I’ve come across a few trends that are just TEW much and need to stop, right about now, mk? Here are five beauty trends that are just doing the most:

Fur Nails
Image credit: Cosmopolitan.com

I definitely prefer natural nails over artificial ones, but I do enjoy nail designs from time to time – whether they are elaborate like Swarovski crystals or simple DIY dots. You know what’s NOT ok? Walking around with your nails looking like Splinter. Honestly, you look like a rat. Maybe it’s because I live in a rat infested city that claims to be the best in the world (click this link at your own risk), so I’ve seen my fair share of them, but if I ever saw fur nails in person I would probably retch and throw up. Unless they’re a Santa design, because THIS ish is cayute.

Image credit: Adventures in Acetone
“No Foundation” Makeup

Let me tell you something. I spent wasted 38 minutes of my life looking at videos for an everyday makeup routine that didn’t require foundation. You know what I found? 14.5 videos that all showed women applying three full tubes of different shades of concealer on their faces, followed by powder. Ma’am. When I asked for no foundation I didn’t mean I wanted a face full of concealer! It’s crazy that there are more truly “natural” makeup looks online, ya know, for days when I am trying to look like myself, but just ever so slightly better. If you know of some, please point them my way!

Using Fifty-Eleven Products for Your Skincare Routine
Image credit: WishTrend.com

Speaking of your face, I was looking up skincare routines and came across a few that were just so EXTRA! I mean do I really need a makeup wipe, gel cleanser, cleansing oil, micellar water, toner, serum, essence (yes apparently this is a real thing), eye cream, face oil, AND moisturizer? This is pretty darn near the typical and currently popular Korean skincare routine, but I’m black, so do I need all this? The answer is no, I surely don’t. You know why? Because every black person’s grandma uses only black soap and shea butter or Cetaphil and vaseline on her face and their black hasn’t cracked so why are we trying to change the formula?

Fake Freckles

Fake Freckles Sonjdradeluxe

While there are some black women who have freckles, it seems unnecessary to draw fake ones on, even if it looks cute. Are we going to start drawing in dimples? Moles? Some folks out here looking like Bambi with their fake freckles. I can’t.

Contouring Body Parts

I thought a video of contouring to create the illusion of bigger breasts was bad, but when I saw this other one of contouring one’s neck, all I could say was:

I mean what in God’s name are you even benefitting from contouring your neck? I don’t even see a difference. How do you have time to realize there’s something about your neck that needs to be fixed? Maybe, just maybe I could understand makeup that conceals a double chin, but your neck though?! Listen y’all, protect yo neck and don’t bother it with contouring.

Bonus: Male Weaves/Fake Dreads/etc

I don’t even have words, because Shanae of Urbane23 already said them all so well.

Have you tried any of these beauty trends? Do you think they’re ok or ridiculous?

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  1. i also get lost at eyeshadow…when they start saying oh apply the transition color,then take this blue and place it in your inner crease, then take the white and put it in the outer most crease just above the eyelash on the brow bone. I just forward cause they all seem like they are applying everything on the same place.

  2. For days, I don’t want to wear foundation. I wear eye liner, mascara and lipstick and I’m good to go. Anytime, I watch YouTube videos on makeup, I don’t bother trying to use all the makeup products they suggest. I don’t want to go bankrupt

  3. Yeah, I things are getting ridiculous out there. smh. I love Shanae’s pic of the guy with braids! I couldn’t help but laugh!

  4. I was thoroughly entertained by this post! I love the tone of your writing and ummm…you’re absolutely right. These are all the way extra and just TEW much…

    1. LOL every once in a while I stray away from the educational posts and just write what my heart feels, as if it was coming right out of my mouth! TEW much!

  5. LOL…finally someone who shares my sentiments. They are all RIDICULOUS.
    I miss good old simple make up ?

    1. The only thing I don’t miss about the good old days before contouring and strobing are plucked to invisibility brows and black lip liner lol

  6. I think the most ridiculous was the furry, followed closely by the neck contouring. Sometimes, us, women need to chill…