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5 Keys to a Bomb Twistout

There are WAY too many twistout tutorials on YouTube, so rather than bore you (brag) about my latest supa dupa fly twistout, I figured I’d share five major keys to a nourished, well-defined, long lasting, voluminous and bomb twistout that can be achieved on super kinky hair.

Before I get into it, I honestly feel like much of natural hair styling is mental. If you go into it thinking your hair will look a mess, then it probably will. But if you have a positive attitude and approach styling your hair with confidence, it will come out great!

And if you’d rather hear me talk instead of read (or want to do both) here’s the video version of this post!

Twist On Damp Hair

Your hair needs a bit of water so that it can dry and take the form of the twist. However, if your hair is sopping wet, it will take forever to dry, causing you to likely take it down before it’s ready. Hair that is too wet also doesn’t allow for as much product penetration as damp hair.

Let Dry for Twenty Four Hours

This is MAJOR key. Fully dry twistouts not only look better, but they last longer too. You definitely want to leave at least 8 hours, but if you’re hair is super thick like mine or long, then a full day is ideal. You can play around with accessories with updos, hats, headwraps, and even wigs as you allow your hair to dry.


Part Before & Have a Shape

Girl take your tush to a hairstylist at least once a year to get your hair CUT, not trimmed, into a shape. Whether it be tapered, heart, or a round fro, having shape to your hair definitely improved the look of your twistout.

Oh, and if you’re not creating parts before you twist your hair, you’re already failing before you start.

Stretch Your Roots
braided roots twistout
Sidebar: my hair looks JUICY! My moisture did not come to play.

Day one twistouts typically look lackluster because they are shrunken and volume-less. Help stretch your roots AND amp up the volume by taking down your twists and then braiding the roots slightly for a few hours before you head out. My best twistout result happened when I untwisted the night before, braided about 8 sections just 1 inch down, and tied a scarf to go to sleep. Leaving the ends untouched allowed them to poof up a bit, which gave gave me volume very atypical for day one hair.

Separate Twists Minimally

I like to untwist all of my twists before beginning to separate and fluff, so I can see how my shape and volume is coming about. Starting at the top, carefully separate each untwisted piece (half of your original twist) just once. Not all twists will need to be separated, and maybe some need an additional separation, but keeping this process to a minimum ensures both frizz control and longevity of your hairstyle.

5 Keys to a Bomb Twistout | KlassyKinks.com

Some Comments About Products

While I don’t think the products you use matters that much while doing twistouts, I do get messages from folks saying they can’t achieve a twistout. Then when I asked how they did it, they respond that they just used shea butter and/or coconut oil.

My friend. Shea butter and coconut oil are great, but they are not products – they are ingredients. Alone, especially on dry hair, they aren’t going to moisturize and they for sure aren’t going to provide any definition. If you’re looking for some product suggestions, I list ALL the brands that I currently rock with (and are displayed in my office) in this post.

If you want to know exactly what products I used to achieve this look, shop them below or watch my YouTube video!

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  1. A very detail post on a bombdot.com twistout. This is one reason I love that I subscribe to your channel. You are informative, honest, kind hearted, sweet, intelligence, empowering, educated, travelers, great cook and I am a fan for life. I got a chance to see when you big chop up until now how much your hair has grown. My hair is not as long as your yet but I am learning how to achieve style without going to a stylist. I was not the type to play with dolls growing up like my sister who learn how to braid and plait her doll hair. I would play with mine for about 10 minutes and that’s it. I’m never to old to learn how to do my own hair.