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5 Reasons Why The Wig You Tried to Make Doesn’t Look Right

I remember talking to a friend a few weeks ago about wigs, and she said that her first attempt was a complete fail. I wondered how it could be so hard – after all, there are countless YouTubers who exclusively wear wigs, make wigs, eat wigs, breathe wigs (ok you’re actually reading lol) so it can’t be that difficult right?

I have officially made my first wig, and before I get into all the details and such, I figured I would share some wig-making tips to explain why that one time you tried it didn’t work out so well. So here are five reasons why the wig you tried to make doesn’t look right, from someone who sort of made her first wig.

Reason 1: You didn’t use enough hair


I am the queen of frugality, but my dude, if you’re not trying to buy at least 4 bundles of hair, don’t bother. Really, just don’t! There’s nothing worse than not having enough hair as you’re making your wig. I thought I’d be cool with three bundles, but halfway through the gluing process I realized it was not gonna happen. Get yourself four bundles, and if you’re using any length longer than 18 inches, you might need five bundles or four with a closure. That’s because bundles are sold by weight, rather than by track length. So a 14 inch bundle will have longer tracks (aka be able to go around your head) more times than a 24 inch bundle.

Reason 2: You Chose The Wrong Sized Cap


One thing I learned in making this wig is that your wig cap can make or break you. When I sat down to make mine, I couldn’t find the spandex cap I’d purchased from the beauty supply store, so I drove all over northern NJ looking for a darn wig cap. There is nothing more disappointing than heading to Walmart or Sally’s and not being able to find a wig cap! (ok there are many more disappointing things, but rock with me). I went to 5 different stores, and the best I could find was a men’s sports dome cap, which I ended up using.


The cap was way too big, didn’t completely sit on my head, and meant that I wasted precious tracks on extra fabric and ended up with a wig much less voluminous than I wanted. Because I’m not one to remain basic (and I happened to find the original cap I bought!), I plan to remake my wig on a cap that properly fits. Since everyone has different head sizes, I suggest buying a few caps and trying them on first to determine which is best for your head.

Reason 3: You rushed it


I know, it’s tempting to think that making a wig from scratch is super easy based on all the wigged up IG queens’ pages. This is a lie. It will take several hours to get your first wig together. If you’re using a glue gun, you will burn yourself. If you’re sewing, you will stab yourself with a needle. Both of these require medical attention (and likely a drink), and you’ll probably want to take a break at some points. You will also likely run out of glue. Or thread. Or hair (see above). If you have a kinky or curly weave, you can’t use direct heat to quickly dry it because the curls will be super flat and incredibly sad. All I’m saying is you shouldn’t make a wig to wear on the same day you need to be somewhere, because you will have to go with your Felicia cornrows and a hat. Which is how I went to church on Sunday.

Reason 4: You bought hair that doesn’t match yours


Unless you buy a closure, your wig will be a struggle if the texture doesn’t remotely come close to blending with your hair. For us naturalistas, there is really no excuse since there are now numerous sites that hair extensions ranging from curly to super kinky, but if you did want to rock striaght hair, please do yourself and purchase a yaki or kinky straight variety – they look a thousand times more natural than peruvian waves, and are easier to blend on a regular basis.

Reason 5: You had unrealistic expectations


This is a common mistake that we make not just with wigs, but with natural hairstyles, makeup attempts, and pretty much else anything we try to copy off YouTube. The fact of the matter is that you cannot cut, color, and slay hair like Peakmill or Maria Antoinette on your first try because they did not slay wigs on their first try! You can’t use $10 synthetic hair trying to achieve a look done with virgin bundles. And you can’t sew on a spandex wig when the tutorial says to use a mesh wig! For some reason us gals enjoy trying to take shortcuts, and then wonder why our hairstyles don’t turn out like that of our favorite gurus. Adjust your expectations and do the things above, and you’re on your way to a better wig.

My First DIY Wig

Mayvenn Brazilian Curly 14 & 16 inches | KlassyKinks.com

Now even though my wig isn’t completely awful (heck it’s not bad at all!), I believe in doing better if I know better, so I plan redo it and give you guys a run down! In the meantime, the quick details are that I used Mayvenn Brazilian Curly in 14 and 16 inches, attached with the help of a glue gun. The hair is BOMB, doesn’t shed too much, feels soft, doesn’t get too frizzy or tangled, and is just all around fabulous. Stay tuned for my revamp and reveal next week!

Have you tried to make a wig? Was it an easy process or did you run into some road bumps?

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  1. I bought An extra large spandex dome cap on purpose. It fit my head even when I didnt Have it braided down. I sew The hair and then it didn’t fit!! I’m done trying with spandex dome caps!!

  2. Please can you assist me. I had my bob wig done by someone but the sides and back don’t have the natural movement. it looks stiff from the sides but the front looks fine. How do I make it right?

  3. LOL!
    You’re not lying!
    I made my first wig last year.
    The wig cap was snug, but by the time I finished sewing, it had tightened and could barely sit!
    I wore it out a few times though, balanced very precariously, with the help of some pins.
    The way I respected myself and kept my head straight, it was no time to play.
    I really wondered why it was soooo hard though, despite the fact that I’d seen so many YT videos!
    Welp. Practice makes perfect. I’m going to try again, this time, a crochet wig. I hope it’s easier than sewing!

    1. “The way I respected myself” – literally LOL’ed! I want to try a crochet wig too! I even saved the Curlkalon hair from some months back, just haven’t gotten around to making it.

  4. Oh, NeNe. I almost forgot about that wig fail… whoosh! ???? As much as I love hair & have tried different things, I’ve never attempted a wig. But the tip about having enough hair, yes! That goes for wigs, weaves, braids… not cute when you run out but try to make it work.

  5. Oh my goodness if this post isn’t the TRUTH!!!! Girlalala my first wig was a mess so I had my friend help me out with it. I’m yet to make my mom’s wig so I’ll be using your tips. For your first try, your wig is beautiful so this remake is going to be BOMB!!

  6. Lol you had me laughing on some of the cartoon character. I never tried but I were thinking about making one with some hair that I have had for awhile. It’s a 5 piece set so if I screw it up I want be disappointed. Can’t wait to see the remake of the wig.