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5 Reasons You Should Attend The Safe Journey Retreat

When I turned 29 last month, I had a moment (more like two weeks) of reflection where I thought about the things that make me happiest in the world. The list was pretty long (I’m a happy person!), but it included:

  1. Traveling to new destinations
  2. Growing alongside other women of color

So for my 30th birthday next year, I decided to combine two of my favorite things into one, a group travel and women’s empowerment retreat called the Safe Journey Retreat! Here are five reasons you should attend the Safe Journey Retreat.

1. You’ve always wanted to come to Africa

Whether you were born in an African country like myself or you’re not sure where your ancestry lies, one thing is for sure – we’re all from Africa. As our generation begins traveling to more “exotic” destinations like Bali, Phuket, and Santorini, why not make it a priority to visit the African continent? Although Kenya is just one of the many countries in Africa, it’s strong tourism industry, widespread use of the English language, and direct flights from JFK-NBO make it an ideal destination for a first trip to the African continent.

2. You love interacting with other ambitious women of color

I grew up as the only girl, so I relish any and all opportunities to form strong connections with other women, especially when they share the same values of hard work, ambition, and building a life that will have a greater impact on the world. The Safe Journey Retreat offers the chance to meet, mingle, and grow alongside 29 other like-minded women. You might meet a lifelong friend, a future travel buddy, or even a business partner at the retreat!

3. You want to set yourself up for the best decade of your life

In case you haven’t heard, next year starts a new decade. I don’t know about you but my life changed A LOT in the 2010s. I finished college, found my identity, married my life partner, got a PhD, started a business, and grew an entire human being. 10 years is enough time to completely change the direction of your life, and the Safe Journey Retreat will feature daily workshops from five amazing women who will equip you with knowledge and resources to start your next decade on the right foot in your career, your personal life, your faith, your wellness, and your long-term societal impact.

4. You need, no you deserve, a break

In addition to educational and inspirational workshops, the Safe Journey Retreat also includes plenty of relaxing activities and excursions to take your mind off the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the harsh realities of being a woman of color in largely male and white dominated spaces. Whether you prefer sunrise yoga, morning walks on the beach, or massages with a glass of wine, there will be many opportunities to wind down and reset because you my dear, deserve a break!

5. You want to hang out with me for a week!

Ok, so this is a pretty superficial reason, but if you’ve ever wanted to just kick it with me for a week, this is your chance! The Safe Journey Retreat is not only a passion project for me, but I really believe in the itinerary and the speakers that will be joining us, so I’ll be participating in the retreat as well! I’ll probably bring the baby along to some activities as well, so if you want to play with Baby Kola, that’s another incentive!

The Safe Journey Retreat has four payment plan options, for both international travelers and Nairobi locals. Please visit safejourneyretreat.com/register for more information about the different packages, and for more information on what’s included in the retreat costs. Use the code SJR50 between now and Nov 1st at 11:59pm EST to save $50 on your deposit!

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