5 Reasons You Should Try Bob Box Braids, Ijeoma Kola

5 Reasons You Should Try Bob Box Braids

I don’t get my hair braided very often, but when I do, I LOVE to get bob box braids. I recently got the style for the second time now and remembered all the reasons I fell in love with it the first time. Though the look isn’t new (hello early 90s) or even totally mainstream, here are five reasons why you should consider bob box braids as your next protective style.

Ijeoma Kola Shares 5 Reasons You Should Try Bob Box Braids
Bob box braids trendy

I first noticed box braids popping up here and there on Instagram in early 2015. I distinctly remember going to a Lauryn Hill concert that summer (she wasn’t on time back then either), and saw two different queens rocking bob box braids. 80s and 90s fashion is currently trending, so bob box braids are a trendy nod to the styles of those eras.

They’re conservative

If you work in an environment where butt grazing braids may raise more questions than you feel like answering, bob box braids might be the perfect compromise for you. Whether you have them stop at your chin or a bit longer at your shoulders, they can look extremely serious and professional.

They take less time

This is a simple fact, but since bob braids are at least half as short as regular braids, you’ll cut down a few hours of your hair braiding time. Time equals money, so both your booty and your wallet will thank you! You can shorten the process even further by either doing crochet bob braids (also great if your hair is too long for the style) or by adding in some feed in cornrows for a pre parted style.

They’re super light

Tying into the previous point, shorter braids also means fewer packs of hair. Fewer packs of hair means less weight on your head, which leads to much less tension on your scalp and your own hair strands. Yes for being able to move your neck immediately after getting your hair done and for having healthy edges at the end of the 6-8 weeks!

They are simple to style

Regular box braids can become stressful because they get old super quickly. Though you can style bob braids, the style is by default different and unique, so you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to jazz it up (p.s. this is the secret behind why I color my hair – it looks more interesting so I end up styling it less!). If you’re feeling adventurous, wear a headband, a hat, or throw in some bobby pins – but you really don’t have to!

Have you ever tried bob box braids? What do you think of the style?

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  1. i like this except for one problem. the chin length braids make it impossible to keep hair out of your face without many hair pins. if it was longer like shoulder length it could be better. i dont like touching my hair except when im styling it. i find this very inconvenient when hair cant stay put!

  2. Thank you for sharing this information about Bob Box Braids because I never even considered this since it wasn’t the norm. However, since I was never a fan for sitting 900 hours ( that’s what it feels like to me. LMBO! ???) to get my hair done, I think this could work for me. I will just have the stylist go past my hair about 3 to 6 inches and I’m good. I appreciate you sharing. Just found your page from a Facebook post on Black Girl Long Hair ( I believe that’s correct), so I will be subscribing to your Social media pages and YouTube channel.

  3. Thanks for sharing! You (and @naturally_candace) inspired me to try this style. My appointment is just a few weeks away. I am looking forward to the box braids, but I am sure that I will miss styling my hair. I completed by transition back to Team Natural in March after using protective styles (twists and braids) for 18 months to achieve my goal. Truly, loving getting to know an important part of me so well! Thanks again Ijeoma!

  4. I myself love box braids. I had some in before my weave and I had to take them out because of the hair was irritating my scalp. I love them use to wear them all the time.