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5 Types of Trips to Take in Your Twenties

When I sat down at the beginning of the year and thought about some of my dream travel destinations, I also thought about what kind of travel I wanted to take. Group trips? Couples trips? Backpacking trips? With travel being so much of a luxury, especially in this era, we have to be really intentional about where we go, what kinds of trips we take, and who we travel with. Traveling is one of the best ways I spent my money in my twenties, so today I’m sharing five types of travel ideas and adventures you should take in your twenties, or whenever!

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Girls Trip

While girls trips are essential in any decade of life (I just came from one this weekend!), they’re especially necessary in your twenties, which can often be marked by relationship drama, career confusion, and identity crises. Spending a weekend or longer with your girls, sipping mojitos on the beach or exploring museums in a new city, is such a reinvigorating and uplifting experience. My mid-twenties girls trips were often inspired by someone’s birthday, a bachelorette party, or grad school spring break. But regardless of the occasion, I always have such a good time when traveling with my girls.

If you’re looking for the ultimate girls trip this year, check out the Safe Journey Retreat, a week-long women’s empowerment retreat and adventure in Kenya at the end of the summer. Tickets are on sale now and the early bird discount ends on March 22nd!

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Solo Trip

One of the most defining moments of my twenties was the solo trip that I took to Curacao. We don’t often experience new things by ourselves — we talk about podcasts with friends, watch movies with family, share a meal from a new restaurant with a date. But there is so much personal growth that happens when you have an experience that only you had, because you have to really dissect its meaning and impact on your life by yourself. Solo travel helps do that. You go to a new place and create all these new experiences, and for the rest of your life, have those memories and magic moments to reflect on by and with yourself.

Family Trip

If I’d written this a year ago, I probably wouldn’t have had this one on this list. But after a year of limited family contact, I would definitely recommend taking family trips in your twenties, when your parents, aunts, or cousins may still be around and able to go on adventures. I took a trip to South Africa with my mom in 2015 and it bonded us together in a way that made up for all the drama we had in my teens. So trips with your family definitely among the travel ideas that I champion.

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No Agenda Trip

Whether its a staycation or a drive up to the mountains for a weekend, you need to take a trip in your twenties where the entire purpose is to just chill. No sightseeing, no list of restaurants to try, no agenda whatsoever. If there’s no cell phone service, even better! Just catch up on sleep, journal, and maybe watch some movies on VHS. It’s hard to truly unplug these days with everything being on our phone, but a trip without any scheduled plan or itinerary can be the most relaxing kind of trip of them all.

Ski Trip

The one thing I took for granted the most in my twenties was my knees. So seriously, if you have any interest in snow or skiing, or just drinking hot toddies and hot chocolate in cute sweaters, take a ski trip in your twenties while your knees still work properly and can withstand the physical labor required to ski. Your knees will thank you!

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What kinds of trips did you take in your twenties? And what kinds of travel ideas or trips do you have planned this year?

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  1. Just went on a family trip at the beginning of the year with my dad and grandma and I must say it was one for the books! I however need to take a solo trip that should be interesting 🤔