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5 Ways to Earn Extra Income

We’re definitely in a season where a lot of people are looking for ways to become more financially independent, hit financial milestones and goals, or just make some extra money to cushion up their bank accounts and clear out debt. I recently wrote and filmed about how I’ve lived a debt-free life my entire life, and a big part of that has been thanks to me constantly finding ways to get extra coins flowing in. So in the spirit of flourishing financially, I’m sharing ways that you can earn extra money and live your best life.

1. Take Up Extra Work

Managing money isn’t always easy, so if you’re head under water with debt that you need to pay off, or if you’re just trying to save up for large expenses, there are several things you can do. If you need extra money, consider getting additional work, be it contract work, service work, or in retail. There are so many opportunities to find a side hustle, you just need to find ways to manage your time and make it fit into your lifestyle. I worked 3 jobs while I was in school which was a true balancing act, but it certainly paid off in keeping my pockets full for my day-to-day needs and my extras.

2. Sell Old Stuff

Are you hoarding a killer pair of designer shoes that low-key kill your feet? Why not sell them to someone else who can handle all those inches in the heels. Do you have mountains of undergrad books gathering dust in your apartment? You could make a new student the happiest by making your old textbooks available to them at a discounted price. Selling old items, big or small, always helps to top up your bank account. At the end of last year, I had a big makeup, fashion and furniture clear out, and sold my previously loved items on my blog. It’s so easy to do and there are so many apps available today to connect you to potential buyers.

3. Rent Out Your Space

Renting out living spaces is another great way to earn extra money and stay on top of your expenses. If you’re happy to downsize and make your spare room available for someone else to move in, the money you get from renting your space out can really go a long way. You can even do this periodically, though temporary rentals like Airbnb. Back in the day when I was living in a studio apartment not too far away from my parents’ home, I’d put my apartment on Airbnb and go stay with my parents whenever someone booked a few nights at my place. It was a great way for me to get extra cash to help with my crazy rent at the time!

4. Do Online Surveys

Companies and organizations are in constant need of information and insights, and often turn to the public they serve to give it to them. This is where you come in! While focus groups traditionally gather people to get insights in person (which is tricky in these times), filling out online surveys or questionnaires only requires taking a few hours or sometimes even just minutes out of your week to click from the comfort of your home. Jonathan and I used to do tons of research studies in university – and answering random questions about random things once paid for our spring break in Jamaica!

5. Put in the Work for a Raise

Now if you aren’t looking to take up extra work in addition to your main job, you can focus your energy on killing it in your current role and make a good impression to justify a promotion or a hearty raise. This can be tricky because getting bumped up a grade or landing that salary increase isn’t always guaranteed, but doing your part and bringing the evidence to your performance reviews is something you can control. While asking for a higher salary might seem awkward or uncomfortable for some people, especially women, know that it is a totally normal part of having a job. And if you’ve put in the work, it’s completely reasonable to want to secure the bag sis!

These are just some ways to earn extra money while working your current job in parallel, or while in your job itself. Do you have other tips on how to make more cash?

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