6 Ways to Wear a Hat With Natural Hair + Agave Oil Review

Six Ways to Wear a Hat Graphic

My name is Ijeoma and I’m now addicted to blog graphics ever since I discovered Canva which is easy and free.99!

A few weeks ago I was walking in Central Park and I saw the same super comfortable, yet fashionable outfit on about 5 different women – a tee shirt, some jeans, and a cute hat! Despite my previous assumptions that hats can’t work with our natural hair, I sought out to find a hat that very same day and stumbled upon this beauty in DSW!

You guys requested a video on how I fit all my hair in the hat with this outfit, so I whipped out my new camera and made what is by far the BEST YouTube video I’ve ever made (if you disagree, please do share which you think is better).


1. Hat over loose hair

2. Hat over low ponytail

3. Hat over crown twists

4. Hat with bangs

5. Hat over twists/braids

6. Hat over twists/braids in a ponytail/bun

As you heard a bit in the video, I’ve been using Agave Oil since the summer time and I definitely like it. It’s thick like castor oil, but without the weird smell. Since it has silicones I’ve been using it sparingly, but I did use a good amount as a heat protectant when I attempted to did wand curls last month for the Miss Harlem Shake contest. I’m pretty sure it worked because my hair should’ve been straight with the amount of heat I used trying to get the darn curl wand to work. I also used the Agave Shampoo & Agave Conditioner once, but it was over the summer and there is nothing memorable to report about my experience. Neither the shampoo nor conditioner were as thick as my hair needs and has gotten accustomed to with most products made specifically for women with natural hair. But that oil though — my bottle is (sadly) halfway done!

Which of the ways to wear your natural hair with a hat is your favorite? Now that I’m back on YouTube, what video tutorials would you like to see?

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