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7 Ways to Make Your Crochet Braids Look Natural

So you’ve decided to go on ahead and jump on the crochet braid wagon, but you’re curious how to install the style in a way that looks believable – after all, you don’t want your friends or coworkers coming for your hair like Trump! Here are 7 ways to ensure your crochet braids look natural enough to fool the masses, and a few photos for inspiration of how well the style can be done!

Use pre-curled hair

Whether you choose to use Curlkalon’s pre-curled synthetic hair, or wavy braiding hair like FreeTress Bohemian Curl, pre-curled hair not only reduces the stress and dangers of dipping your head into boiling hot water, but also ensures a neater, more uniform look for your crochet braids.

Use the invisible knot method

Once you’ve figured out how to use a latch hook, there are a few ways to secure the extensions into your braids. While most people simply loop the circle opening and tie a knot, you can tie your hair in a way that provides a knot-free look. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually so easy that I do the invisible knot method all around my head! Here’s my technique:

Leave some cornrows exposed

While some people stress out about making sure their cornrows won’t expose their crochet, it’s actually a good idea to leave some part of your cornrows out on purpose. You can mimic a cornrow headband or a half head cornrow look that Jill Scott and Alicia Keys made popular several years ago.

Do vixen crochet braids

While I have mixed feelings about the potential strain that vixen crochet braids can cause on our hair, the fact of the matter is that the look is seamless IF the hair textures match. Otherwise you just look a mess, which is no bueno.

Use straight kanekalon hair

Combined with the vixen or invisible knot method, using straight kanekalon hair (regular braiding hair) as opposed to the usual marley hair is a great way to make your crochet braids look like your own hair – just blown out and straightened.

Go for large, looser curls over tighter ones

Back when the crochet movement came back, people were using super tiny rods to get very tight curls. Now, the softer and romantic look is to use large rods for a soft, wand curl like pattern, that is less defined and more glam.

Crochet locs or twists

This style is quickly picking up steam, but you can abandon traditional curls altogether and crochet in premade twists and locs to save lots of time on your favorite protective styles.

How do you rock your crochet braids? Do you intentionally do anything to make the style look more “natural”?

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    1. I can’t tell if you mean a lion in that its a lot of hair or that your scalp is raging, but if its the former, just take some out towards the back! And if its the latter, try using a tea tree + jojoba oil mix on your scalp. Eden Bodyworks makes a good scalp oil with peppermint too.

    1. Try spacing out your hair 2 finger widths apart in the back, 1 finger width in the middle, and then no space at the top. That should reduce the amount of hair you use, and the bulk.

  1. I just got crochet braids with synthetic type of hair that you can only put mousse in. The lady who did my hair made it to where my knots are exposed. How can I style it to make it look natural ?

  2. I love the versatility of this style how many naturals are rocking it. I may go back to this style because the optional of hair us endless.