9 Things You Should Read (Because I Don’t Have Time to Post)

Unfortunately, I have exactly 6 weeks to get my entire life together before my oral exams, so it’s time for me to buckle down and do boring school things. I don’t mind reading – I LOVE to read, but I don’t like being told what I should read so this process has been grueling to say the least. Since I have to read fifty-eleven books today, I couldn’t put a post together for y’all (though I have MANY updates to share). The good news is that there are a few things I’ve read in the past couple weeks that I think you should read as well!

If you only have time to read one thing, this article on Medium about 50 Ways Happier, Healthier, and More Successful People Live On Their Own Terms gave me tons of things to think about as I strive to be a better person (while juggling five thousand tasks). Although it might sound like a cliche list, I actually found it incredibly helpful.

Pictured: Nadia Aboulhosn
Pictured: Nadia Aboulhosn

I am SO darn ready for fall fashion and this post on 14 outfits to wear this fall gave me tons of inspiration for some upcoming photoshoots. But the reality is that I have no money (weddings are absurd!) so I really should just get a uniform like this one by The Tiny Closet. I’m super torn between the minimalist wardrobe and owning every trend, so Rent the Runway has helped a lot with that. I’m also going to try Le Tote (another clothing subscription service) and will keep you posted on which I like better.

simply cyn curacao

I’m having serious wanderlust, and Simply Cyn’s photos from her trip to Curacao put my little adventure TO SHAME. Oh to have a significant other who is also a real photographer. Speaking of travel, my boo The Pretty Girl’s Guide just posted some tips for scoring travel on the low low in advance of her trip to Paris.


I just came across the blog, The Unfit Christian, and based on the logo alone, I just KNEW I was going to love her content and style. This article on The Cult of Heather Lindsey was my first read and it did not disappoint. Super interesting analysis of what “purity culture” does that may be harming single black Christian women.

Blavity is always a great read – this post on unexpected emotional consequences of wearing THINX underwear was really intriguing. I also found a word to explain my eating habits thanks to a post on Blavity – it’s called flexitarian! Basically I eat meat every so often, and eat vegetables most of the time.


And if you’re a tad bit messy like me (hey, I’m honest!), there is drama around Taren Guy’s new locs, detailed by Natural Hair Rules. It is juicyyyy.

Here’s to a great week!

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  1. I read Taren Guy drama. I have to read some of your others suggestions. It’s kinda hard to do anything right now while watching my 17 and a half months old grandson. I know about schooling but I don’t have to read as many books as you. I’m trying to study for my HEIS exam on the 26th of this month. My grandson is busy and doesn’t like to sleep long unless he knows you’re close by. I have been slacking on my Bible reading because at the end of the day I am exhausted.

  2. Way to be honest about not having time to post! LOL! As a blogger, it seems kinda funny that I’m not much of a reader… like, book reading. But I do read blogs, of course so besides KK, Baby Shopaholic and Unlikely Martha give me my fix these days.

    Girl! Smh… this Taren stuff. I had been following the story since before it blew up into this circus and said I wasn’t gonna add my 2 cents. Still, I wound up doing so ON Natural Hair Rules- both on the site (because I had no idea there was a post there until days after everything broke) and Facebook page. I felt better afterwards. LOL! Have a great week!