A Look Inside My Travel Toiletry Bag

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I’m getting ready for our biggest trip of the year – we’re going to Japan!!! Jonathan’s cousin is getting married and we’re super excited and honored to be able to celebrate with them. Though Jonathan has been to China, I’ve never been to the Asian continent so I’m super excited! Although this won’t be the longest flight I’ve taken – I took a 23 hour flight to Kenya the first time cuz a girl was broke and couldn’t afford a shorter flight – it’s still a super long time to be up in the air. I feel like I’ve chatted about how to efficiently pack a carry on, so today I’m sharing with you what’s actually in my travel toiletry bag!

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MAKEUP WIPES / I’ve chatted about my love for makeup wipes while traveling before, but it requires reiterating! The Walgreens Hydrating Facial Wipes are paraben, phthalate, and sulfate free and are great for removing makeup or giving your face a refresh after a hot and sticky travel day.

TOOTHBRUSH / I like to travel with a fresh toothbrush for one important reason. I’m pretty bad with remembering to change my toothbrush, but since I travel at least once every 2-3 months, a new toothbrush in my toiletry bag signals that it’s time to switch em up!

SUNSCREEN / Since my international travel is usually to Africa, I like to carry sunscreen to protect my skin from the harsh ray of the sun. Walgreens carries an oil free SPF 70 sunscreen stick that doesn’t apply ashy or white on my skin!

AFTER SUN GEL / Especially important if you have any beach trips coming up, but a soothing aloe gel will help soothe sunburn or any other skin irritations that may arise from sun or environmental exposure.

NAIL CLIPPERS / This one’s mostly for Jonathan, whose nails grow at a ridiculous rate, but it’s handy to have a pair of clippers on hand in case you snag a nail. This set comes with two – one for my nails and one for the hubby’s toenails (ew)!

NAIL POLISH REMOVER PADS / Whether your mani chips or you’re rained in, non-acetone nail remover wipes can come in handy and these ones are individually wrapped so you don’t have to worry about your entire bottle of nail polish remover spilling in your bag.

HAND LOTION / I have one of these Walgreens hand lotions in all my main bags – my gym bag, tote bag, and go to weekend bag – so it made sense to carry one in my toiletry bag too!

TOILETRY BAG / This striped cutie is from Walgreens too! I like that it has two separate compartments so I can usually fit skincare & makeup (I usually just pack a light foundation, my go to palette, and an eyebrow product when I’m on the go) on one side and the rest of my toiletries on the other. Plus it’s clear thus TSA compliant for those rare days when the airport is a stickler about removing your toiletries. If you’re a fan of stripes like I am, this design comes in different bag sizes so you can have a whole matching set!

With tons of travel sized toiletries and travel accessories, Walgreens can help you pack your travel toiletry bag without breaking the bank! Now treat yourself to a seat upgrade with all the money you saved *wink*.

A Look Inside My Travel Toiletry Bag, straw hat

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Sailor Yellow Leilani Dress

What I’m Wearing: Dress / Shoes / HatSunglasses

What’s in your travel toiletry bag?

I was asked by Carusele to participate in the #WalgreensBeauty campaign, sponsored by Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own

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  1. I don’t have anything in my toiletry bag because I haven’t travel out of the country this year???. At least, I am getting good information on products to travel with when I do. Thanks ?!