A Perfect Perm Rod Set + Date Night Outfit!

I tried perm rods again for the second time (check it out if you missed the first one), and with a different technique, an excellent styling product, and my hair color, it came out looking the bomb.com! Check out how I achieved the perfect perm rod set on kinky natural hair, plus how I styled it for a chic and easy fall appropriate date night.

What I Used

I started on freshly washed hair that was put away in braids the day before. One reason this perm rod set came out so well is because it had time to dry, as I did it on dry rather than damp hair. Nothing has killed more perm rod sets than not enough drying time. RIP potential great hair days.

My styler of choice was Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Heat Setting Foam that I’ve now had for a while – it’s a heat protectant and foam/wrap/lotion all in one that has no alcohol, parabens, silicones, or mineral oil. Winning!

I feel like rod sets get smushed in the back anyway, making the style difficult to last, so I saved myself the trouble by simply twisting the back of my hair and pinning up and away – I then used one of my many hats to style the look over the next few days!

The Technique

How I Styled My Perm Rod Set

I did all of this work because I wanted to look extra cute on my boyfriend’s (at the time :D) last Friday night in NYC. I knew the hat would tone my look down, so I was able to wear something more typically revealing that I normally go for, but still look like I wasn’t trying too hard! My skirt is from Daily Look (peep my review), and my top is from Strawberry – you might recognize it because I wore it at Kinky Hair Unlocked and in my most recent headshots! For a similar look, check out Skirt 1, Skirt 2, Skirt 3, and Blouse 1, Blouse 2, and Blouse 3. A night of dancing and a day later (with glasses), the style still looked cute and my hair was still soft and moveable!

What do you think of my perm rod set and date night look? Will you be trying this hairstyle or outfit?

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  1. Love the hair and your date night outfit! Most of all I LOVE your hair color! I’m natural and really trying to grow my hair out, so I’m too scared to get color, but seeing yours makes me rethink it! #BLMGIrls