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In the Igbo language, Ijeoma means safe journey, or literally, to go well. I believe that life is much more about the journey than the destination and that our purpose is to continue learning about ourselves and one another as we journey through life. My name has inspired me to take risks, pursue dreams, and live joyfully and confidently in the life I’ve been given. This space is a collection of all the different adventures I’m currently on. Thanks for joining me!

public health historian

I am a historian of public health whose research broadly examines historical, social, and cultural understandings of health and disease in African and African American communities. I received my Ph.D. in Sociomedical Sciences from Columbia University in 2019, and my doctoral work examined medical and public perceptions of racial susceptibility to asthma in the 19th and 20th centuries.

lifestyle blogger

I have been blogging since 2010 when I started recording videos on YouTube to chronicle my natural hair journey. Since then I’ve expanded my stories to include beauty, style, travel, and lifestyle content, as well as personal reflections and cheeky musings.

Whether I’m talking about my latest hair, style, or beauty favorites, how to choose the right Ph.D. program, or my adventures as a wife and mom living the expat life, everything I share is geared towards empowering other women to live joyfully and confidently in the pursuit of their dreams.


This Dry Shampoo Actually Worked on My Natural Hair | Ijeoma Kola

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I am available for collaboration on brand ambassadorships, digital content creation, sponsored blog, video, and social posts, events, and photo and video shoots. For all collaboration ideas and inquiries, please contact me through the form above.


In addition to blogging and public health research, I create online and offline communities for Black women, centered around two of my lifelong loves — travel and higher education.

The Safe Journey Retreat is an annual women’s empowerment conference + group travel adventure on the African continent, while Cohort Sistas is a supportive community for Black women at various stages of the doctoral degree process, from applicants to doctoral degree holders.

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