How To Walk Around Atlanta in a Bikini |

How To Walk Around Atlanta in a Bikini

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One great thing about being in school still is spring break! Normally, I like to be on some beach far, far away during spring break, or at least in a cool place, like Johannesburg last year. But this year, Bae and I decided to go to Atlanta to visit some family on both sides. Even though we weren’t going to the beach, I was committed to wearing a bikini out and about because well… I like to do crazy things sometimes, like walk around Atlanta in a bikini.

Striped Bikini Crop Top & White Tote #targetstyle |

The thing is, I LOVE crop tops. I think crop tops and high-waisted pants are one of the cutest outfits ever, and flattering on lots of body types. Target Swim has added a great selection of longline bikini tops that really just look like regular crop tops – and they’re still buy one get one 50% off. Y’all know I’m trying to do this black and white thing now, so as soon as I saw this bikini top on their site, I knew it would work as both a bikini and a crop top in my closet!

Striped Bikini Crop Top & White Tote #targetstyle

Even though, when I first put the top on, I felt like the love weight I’ve gained in the past year was showing a bit too much, I reminded myself of last month’s body insecurities discussion and said I’d have #NOFOMO on the day’s activities. Here’s to fearlessness!

black woman jumping fearless

What exactly did I do in my bikini? I ate at Fox Bros BBQ (ok barbecue, but amazing wings!), went to the High Museum of Art (and didn’t realize there were multiple buildings, so sadly wasted most of the time in the early European art section when I really wanted to see all the modern stuff), and walked along some of the Living Walls in the Cabbagetown Area of the city. All that walking had me tired though, so we took a break in a nice, quiet park. If you want to see more of our ATL adventures, check out the KK and Bae ATL vlog!

Striped Bikini Crop Top & White Tote #targetstyle

Of course I needed to complete my outfit with accessories, so I toted around (pun intended) my new favorite carryall bag, which fits with my black & white theme but reverses to a pretty gold, some gold sandals, and of course sunnies (or hater blockers like I like to call them).

Do you think you’re bold enough to walk around a city in a bikini?


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