Basement Guest Bedroom

Most times when I design a room, I think about it for weeks, if not months, and draw up a graphic rendering of how I’d like it to look with all the coordinating pieces. This basement guest bedroom came together in a completely different way, since it was super last minute and basically a result of numerous Target/Homegoods/TJ Maxx runs! 

First some background: my best friend came to visit me for my birthday (yay!) and I love her too much to have her sleep on the couch or just on an air mattress in a random room. Pre-husband and pre-baby I used to have no issues sharing a bed with a friend, but now I only sleep with people I’m sleeping with or breastfeeding 😂 So I wanted to create a nice retreat for my bestie, and our subsequent houseguests, in our basement, complete with their own bathroom!

The Before

So the basement is actually finished, and the previous owners were already using this corner room as a bedroom, so it wasn’t hard to decide to use this room as a guest bedroom. The walls were a bit beat up, but otherwise, the space looked decent and was a neutral and bright paint color so I didn’t have to do much prep work aside from scrubbing some scuffs off the walls. 

My Thought Process

I honestly had NO idea what I wanted to do in this room except paint a headboard. We finally got a real bed in our bedroom, so I relocated our platform bed down to the basement. Since there are no windows, I thought a painted faux headboard would bring some architecture to the space, and make it feel less like a bed in a random room. 

I used Clare Paint in Blackish for the faux painted headboard and decided on a rectangle since I’ve already got one arch in the house. Taped it off, and then got to painting!

Since I was sourcing everything besides the bed frame, in just one day, my options were pretty limited, but I knew that if I just found 1 key piece, I could build a room around it. These velvet curtains from Target were that piece — as soon as I saw them on the app, I knew I’d create a room that had hints of green in an effort to replace the lack of outdoor scenery in a windowless room. 

The rug was also a fantastic find — shout out to Home Goods for their rug collection! It was the most expensive thing I bought for this room at $299 but helps really ground the space and elevate it. I was so proud of myself for moving away from my usual Moroccan shag. Your girl can do color!

The Finished Product

I absolutely LOVE how this room came out!! There were definitely a number of hiccups with the decor process (namely it taking two days instead of one), not being able to fit my first choice armchair in the car, and figuring out how to secure the curtains so they could be pulled back. But I made it happen and might even sleep down here myself!

Basement Guest Bedroom Decor Sources

“Headboard”: Clare Paint Blackish
Bed frame: Overstock
Mattress: Old air mattress
Rug: Safavieh via Home Goods (similar here)
Lamp + shelf combo: Target
Side table: Home Goods
Vase: Target
Blooms: Trader Joe’s 
Basket Wall hanging: Home Goods
Sheets: TJ Maxx
Comforter: Target
Accent pillows: Home Goods
Lumbar pillow: Home Goods
Wall hooks shelf: Target
Curtains: Target
Accent chair: Home Goods
Blanket: Marshall’s
Pouf: CB2

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  1. I just watched the video. I love the creation of the basement room. Awesome job for 1 day work 👏🏾 🙌🏾