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10 Things I Wore the Most While Pregnant

I’ve officially reached the stage of pregnancy where I wake up incredibly grateful that I’ve made it this far – especially since it took some time to get this baby – but also secretly praying that this is the day I go into labor because I’m over being pregnant! It’s not even that I’m not feeling well or that I’m tired. I am just beyond ready to finally meet this child. And I really want to be able to wear all my clothes again, rather than the 5 things I’ve been wearing for the past 9 months. Though I previously shared my pregnancy must haves, I intentionally didn’t include any maternity wear since I got through the majority of my pregnancy wearing regular sized clothing. Here are the best non maternity pregnancy clothes that I wore all pregnancy long!

I originally saw this dress on the Rent the Runway website, but it looked so comfortable that I tracked it down on Amazon and decided to buy it. Hands down one of the best clothing purchases I’ve made all year! Ribbed or knit dresses are especially pregnancy friendly because they stretch to accommodate your growing bump without losing their shape, and this particular dress is so soft it feels like I’m wearing pajamas every time I wear it.

When you’re pregnant, you’ll quickly realize that tying laces or dealing with zippers on shoes can trigger a complete breakdown, so you’ll probably be on the lookout for casual but cute slip on shoes that you can wear regularly. The pointed toe flat by Rothy’s fits that bill perfectly. I have them in solid black which works for just about every single occasion, but they come in a wide array of colors and fabrics. Bonus: the insoles are washable so you can literally wear them every single day without worrying about them getting too smelly! They’re a bit pricy for a flat shoe but they stretch so you won’t have to buy another pair once your feet get bigger later in pregnancy.

Funny thing is I’ve worn this dress to about 75% of my prenatal appointments by happenstance – I’m pretty sure my doctor thinks I don’t have any clothes lol. I bought this Petit Bateau dress from the summer ShopBop sale, and though it’s no longer available on that site, I did manage to find it on Amazon UK. What’s even cuter is I didn’t realize when I bought it that Petit Bateau is actually a children’s brand that expanded into adult wear, so once Baby Kola comes we can be matching in our little striped outfits! Oh and it has pockets!

These H&M joggers are not only the most worn pants of my pregnancy, but probably the most worn pants of my entire life. I bought them in Abu Dhabi years ago, and the stretchy waistband has grown alongside my bump such that I’m able to wear them both above and below my belly, depending on what vibe I’m going for. Although this isn’t the exact pair I have, you’ll want to check that the pair you buy has at least 5% elastane – that’s what makes it stretchy!

Last but not least is another dress with pockets – I know, it’s kind of a trend. This oversized tee shirt dress is not only a favorite of mine, but for some reason Jonathan really loves it too. I think it’s because of how it really shows off my bump and belly button, and because it looks like I’m just wearing one of his tees lol. But more practically, the organic cotton fabric is absolutely ravishingly soft (in case you can’t tell, comfort is my #1 maternity fashion criteria).

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  1. I’ve been holding off on a Rothy’s purchase for a while now, but now knowing they have washable insoles is a game-changer. Happy Christmas to me! 😉 I hope this last bit of pregnancy goes smoothly for you!