Wedding Vendor Spotlight – Bibi Invitations

Oh my gosh guys, our wedding is jussst under 90 days away!! I need someone to make the dancing red dress lady emoji in a white dress because I need to use it for the next three months! Anyway, since weddings cost so much, it was a priority for Jonathan and I to invest our money in our community by supporting black-owned businesses. In the days leading up to THE DAY, I’ll be spotlighting some of the amazing BOBs helping us put together the wedding of our dreams, starting with Bibi Invitations!

Bibi Invitations was created in 2012 by Canadian-based multimedia designer Ify Ojo to offer African-inspired wedding and event invitations and stationery with worldwide shipping. The brand is probably best known for their customizable traditional wedding invitations realistically depicting African brides and grooms in traditional dress.

One of the things that makes Bibi Invitations so great is that they allow you to mix and match elements from different designs – perfect for multicultural weddings like ours! – and even submit your own image to receive a completely customized rendering of yourself and your future spouse. All the invitations are sorted by African country, and sometimes even broken down by tribal group, so it is really easy to find something that represents your heritage. Although the designs are primarily used for save-the-dates or traditional weddings, they can also be used birthdays, engagements, and any other functions.

In addition to save-the-date and informal wedding printables, Bibi Invitations also offers formal invitations inspired by the textures, fabrics, and colors of African culture. There are three different lines: Okin – delicately foil stamped on the finest quality iridescent metallic paper, Ifeoma – with delicate ribbons and embellishments, and Abena – bold and stylishly affordable. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Baako 2. Rimike 3. Faraa 4. Zola 5. Adorable Adiza 6. Amaka

Can you guess which one we’ll be using for our formal wedding invites? Comment below with your favorite!

This post is in partnership with Bibi Invitations

All Images c/o Bibi Invitations

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  1. I guess you will use no.1 Baako print. The invitations are so you and Johnathan heritage. I’m glad that you and BAE decided to go with a black business vendor. Let put our money back into our own community.