Birthday Hairdo: Cornrows, Curlformers, & Catastrophe

In case you missed it, my birthday was two weeks ago and of course I had to switch up my hair into a cute little updo that was funky and fabulous! But the happiness was short-lived…

photo 4

This hairstyle, which was a combination of cornrows done at an african braiding salon and curlformers done by me. Don’t get me wrong, my hair was cayutttte!! I got so many compliments on my birthday, and the curlformers held up nicely for a few days before turning into a cute updo.

But did I sleep for 6 days? Not exactly. The back of my neck was in so much pain, I spent minutes trying to find the right pillow position that brought comfort, and even had to prop a pillow behind my neck when I was sitting upright. Having to turn and face different people talking in school also proved to be a not so fun exercise. I chalked all this up to the fact that I haven’t gotten braids in a long while and just needed to (wo)man up.

photo 5

Now, the braiding salon’s name originally didn’t matter — as you can get cornrows done pretty much anywhere — but that was before my scalp started blistering from the braids being too tight. Yeah… not pretty. Needless to say, I took them down after only 8 days, and to my horror had quite a bit of breakage at my nape. However, my fellow natural hair blogger homies Curls and Mo, ToBNatural, and Natural Partners in Crime allll told me to take them down ASAP when I was complaining via Twitter on day 3, so it’s more or less my fault. Regardless, the African in me is heading back to Aminata African Hair Braiding today to show them pictures, do some shouting, and try to get a refund!

For more info, check out this video I just posted:

Have you ever had a bad experience getting braids or cornrows? What did you do for relief?

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  1. This is why I’ve decided to stay put with my caucasian hairdresser. I still don’t understand why we blacks associate beauty with pain……

  2. This is good to know, because everyone always raves about Aminata. Nevertheless, I have more or less vowed to myself that I am never getting cornrows done at a salon. Too tight! I’ll ask my mom and wear ’em for like a week or 2.

  3. Gurl, I just had this happen to me. Spent ~ $150 on a style that shouldve lasted till the end of the year. Crochet braids with twists done on the extended hair. Got it done on Sat, taken out by Thurs. Should’ve have taken it out sooner. Makes me want to not go to stylists at all anymore. While that may be extreme, I am taking a break. Thanks for sharing your experience and I love your blog and hair! =)

    1. Yeah my friend got box braids done on Saturday and they were out by Tuesday. Its better to prevent damage than to keep the style in because of the money, but the madness must stop! I’m taking a break as well, I’ll just suck up the few extra hours and flat twist myself (idk how to cornrow… yet), or stick with my Havana twists. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  4. Love the video and blog! On the video you said you’ll be discussing your new wash regimen soon; can’t wait for that! I’m curious to know why you wash your hair once a month now, and what a difference that may have made in the overall health of your hair. Keep pushin’ these blogs and vids! I’m lovin’ ’em all ;)))