Blonde Tapered Cut at Devachan Salon | Klassy Kinks

Blonde Tapered Cut at Devachan Salon

It’s been six months already since I went blonde at Devachan Salon, and I’m just now realizing that I never posted about it on the blog! Yes, I did a YouTube video – but for months I’ve been referring people to check the blog for information about my hair color and it. wasn’t. even. here. Shame on me! I only found out because I tried to link to a post about my blog color for another post I was working on and nope, nowhere to be found. Anyways, I’m giving you the full story now, better (severely) late than never!

Let’s backtrack first to my previous color, which was a copper burgundy mix achieved with two Creme of Nature shades. I loved the color and thought it was perfect for fall, and especially loved the warm brown it faded to, but I wanted something fun and different for the summer. Even though I’ve colored my hair quite a few times, I’ve never been completely blonde – I’ve always done either blonde highlights or a combination of blonde and red. Remember this ombre look?

Devachan Salon | Klassy Kinks

Devachan Salon | Klassy Kinks

I also wanted to cut my hair because it lacked a shape, so I went to a salon in NYC that specializes in curly cuts – Devachan Salon! If you’ve never heard of a curly cut, it is a cutting style where your hair is cut dry and in its curly shape, rather than blown out or cut while wet. Since I usually wear my hair in a fro, a puff, or some variation of the two, getting my hair cut in its natural state was the best option for me.

Taylor was my cutting stylist, and she first asked me what kind of shape I envisioned before going to town on my hair. I wanted to join team taper for the second time, so she took a lot of length off in the back. I know it’s hard to believe because my hair right now is pretty much all grown out, but I really did have a tapered fro for a bit!

Blonde Tapered Cut at Devachan Salon | Klassy Kinks Blonde Tapered Cut at Devachan Salon | Klassy Kinks

Once done shaping my hair, I went back upstairs where Brian began to add blonde highlights in the top half of my hair using the pintura technique. Pintura just means painting in Spanish, so the technique involved “painting” on color in freehand versus a methodical highlight technique. Because we wanted to go very bold, Brian lifted my hair in some places so those blond highlights would really stand out. We kept the roots dark, because nobody has time to go back to the salon every 2 months for touch ups! After all the color processed, he did a wash and go and I left the salon with a delicious blonde tapered cut!

Here are a couple pictures of my hair from the summer – you can really see the different colors when it was styled in a rod set! I’m sad both my cut and my color have already grown out, but I’m already planning my next hair adventure 😀

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I received a complimentary cut and color from Devachan Salon, but was not required to share about my experience. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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  1. I like the idea of a curly cut! Never understood blowing out natural hair to cut it especially if you never wear your hair blown out. Your stylist did a wonderful job on the cut and color

  2. They did a wonderful job on your hair. I can say that mane was fierce like a lion. I do believe when it comes to color that it’s need to be done by a professional. I know that some you tuber does it themselves but since I am an amateur I would leave it up to the pros. I love any kind of blonde but I have been experimenting with dark red or wine colors in wigs. I appreciate your opinion.