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Where to Buy Marini Naturals

So it seems like the Marini Naturals brand, a Kenyan based all natural haircare line, is blowing up! Since their feature on CitizenTV, I’ve gotten lots of questions & emails from my review of Marini Naturals about where people can purchase the products. I reached out to the company founders and got this great list of stores in Nairobi, East Africa, and even Europe where you can buy Marini Naturals!

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I will definitely keep you guys posted as soon as the line is available in the U.S., but I personally love that the team is focusing on growing in Africa first.

In case you missed it, here’s my review:

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  1. Where can I buy these products in Zambia? My hair is a mess, i need to grow it back after I lost it through a dye last year. It doesn’t grow any more and it has left me with patches on my head. I wear head scarfs all time to hide it. Please help