How to Care For Your Natural Hair as a Mom

Today’s guest post is by Daphney on an important topic I can’t (yet) speak on, so show her some love!

Daphney here, and I want to quickly talk about how I am able to maintain my tresses while being a mom.

If you are a natural hair mom, especially a single natural hair mom like me, you know how hard it is to care for your hair while completing tasks for your family and home. I find this even more challenging with long natural hair. Through trial and error, I have realized that as long as I have some sort of routine in place, it will make things just a little bit easier for me. Trust me when I say that my routines never run smoothly, but they help guide me and keep me focused on set goals for the day. One major thing that we as mothers must remember and embrace, is that we are allowed as women to put ourselves first. We tend to lose ourselves as women, because we have adapted only the role of a mom, remember that you are a woman first before any other role comes into play.

I have set up weekly schedules that has helped me along the way. My schedule incorporates cleaning, cooking, shopping, blogging, skin and hair care.  Designating a day to do your hair is essential! Thursdays are my hair days because I work as a bartender Friday nights, if that day does not work, then I do my hair on Sundays. I deep condition every time I wash my hair, then moisturize it and then I usually put it in twists or flat twists in order to style it the next day.

Now how do I do all of this and make sure the boys are fed, bathed and homework done by 8pm? Well, this is where having a routine comes in. I usually get home around 6pm with my boys and as they are undressing I am warming up dinner( I cook the night before), I then wash my hair over the tub and slather deep conditioner onto my hair and wrap my hair in a shopping back and cover my head with a silk lined shower cap. We have dinner together and get homework done. I then bathe my boys and put them to bed by 8pm. I now take my shower and wash out the deep conditioner out and proceed to moisturize and twist my hair. I am usually complete with the process of my hair by 10pm. This routine has been working for me for the past couple of months. There was a time when I was very flustered because I couldn’t get anything done, I was frustrated and felt defeated. I then realized that I need to make a schedule for myself and do my best to follow this schedule in order to have some sort of flow throughout my week.

Things to remember as a natural hair mom:

1. You are just as important as everyone else. Take the time to take care of you!
2. Keep a schedule and do your best to follow it.
3. Have a routine set in place.
4. Designate a day for your beauty/hair care.

I hope you find this quick tip helpful!  I know that it has helped me tremendously!

Tell me what you do as a natural hair mom to care for your hair, while taking care of your family!

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  1. I know this article is old but I desperately need advice on how to care for my natural hair! Seeing that your boys are older, how would you create a schedule for someone like me? What did you do when they were babies? My son is 11 months and I feel like I haven’t been able to properly do Anything with my hair since he was born. My husband is of no help as he is too self absorbed. Now that I am expecting baby two, I feel to bald off all my hair. I transitioned to natural hair in dec 2011 (was afraid to big chop). So am seriously considering it now. My hair is relatively long when flat ironed and so thick. It is a full days task just to Detangle. Also, Family does not close. I’m seriously thinking of cutting it, but my hair has always been my pride and joy.

  2. Good job Daph be consistant and keep the routine going… my boys seem to be older than yours my youngest is 17 but I’ve been there. It was pleny of nights where I was twisting my hair while helping with HW. I don’t need to be in the miror to twist my hair I’ve been natural for over 15 yrs. Moisturizing my hair with a leave in conditioner putting on a plastic cap and bonet along with a head wrap while cooking, cleaning up ,or just in case I have to run out and boy does that happen often. you don’t have to worry about the head wrap it’s A STYLE THANG!!!

    1. My boys are 4 and 6 and it can be very challenging. Making a style work into your routine is a lifesaver. I wear head wraps at least 3 times a week to also protect my hair from this dry weather