Chunky Flat Twist Style Perfect for School or Work |

Chunky Flat Twist Style Perfect for School or Work

Happy Monday loves! If you’ve ever woken up with scattered hair and need to look slightly more presentable than on an average day, I’ve got a confidence oozing chunky flat twist style that’s perfect for school or work! I did this style for a talk I gave at school about some of my research, and it was a much better styling choice than the smushed old twistout I woke up with. While recording the video of the style, I decided to share my thoughts on asthma in the black community, so let me know what you think!

Products & Styling

To remoisturize my hair and make it more malleable, I liberally used the Entwine Afrodisia Leave In as well as the Entwine Creme Jelly Styler all over. For a more in-depth review of these products, check out this post. After parting my hair on a bias, I did chunky flat twists coming forward in the front, and curving backwards in the back. This is one of those styles that’s really difficult to convey with words, so you’re going to have to just look at the pictures and videos to understand!

Chunky Flat Twists Chunky Flat Twists Chunky Flat Twists

I did my flat twists off the scalp (doing a two strand twist then picking up hair on each turn) which results in a poofier twist, but if you do them on the scalp, more like a cornrow, you’ll have a neater look.

My Presentation

While recording the video of the style, I decided to share my research on asthma in the black community – particularly the emergence of asthma during the Civil Rights Movement in New York and New Orleans. I found that asthma research brought attention to issues of air pollution and poor housing quality that were important for the rights movement, but researchers’ shift to thinking about asthma as a result of anger and frustration during the movement but the blame back on individuals’, rather than on their social and structural environments. I have many more thoughts than I relayed in the video (at least I hope so, I’m supposed to write a full dissertation on this stuff!), so if you’d like me to share more about my research every once in a while, please let me know!

I’d love to hear what you think about my flat twists and my research!

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  1. That’s a super interesting research topic, I’m asthmatic and I am curious to know more about how social climate, environment and so on affect or cause it’s occurrence. Lol! You drew us in with the flat twists then dropped some knowledge 🙂

  2. Love the twist styles, your topic for your presentation is very interesting. I like that you choose to share with your followers.