Does Coconut Oil Moisturize Natural Hair? |

Coconut Oil is NOT Bae and Will Surely NOT Moisturize Your Natural Hair

Coconut oil is having a moment right now amongst naturalistas. If I had to pick one single product ingredient that would bring all the naturalistas to the yard, it would be coconut oil – followed very closely by Shea Moisture (honestly, ya’ll are STANNING for this giveaway!). In fact, coconut oil is to products what tapered cuts were for natural hair styles last year. Or maybe crochet braids. You get the point.

And since last weekend was Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day (I love you though!), I’m sure quite a few of you spent your time being boo’d up with the coco. I KNOW at least one of you shared this pic in your girlfriend group chat with the simple but powerful caption: “Bae”.

Does Coconut Oil Moisturize Natural Hair? |

Does coconut oil moisturize natural hair?

I hate to break it to you though, but coconut oil cannot complete you. It might get you a real bae because it smells so good, but it alone will not give you healthy hair.

That’s because coconut oil alone is NOT an adequate moisturizer.

I’ve had quite a few clients who reach out for customized regimen list their current regimen as: shampoo, condition, apply coconut oil, and then twist with some product. Obviously this routine doesn’t work because if it did, folks wouldn’t be asking for help, but do you know the reason why?

Does Coconut Oil Moisturize Natural Hair? |

This routine is missing a moisturizer. While coconut oil can penetrate the hair shaft, it can only do so in limited amounts, meaning it won’t penetrate enough to completely moisturize your hair, especially when it’s as coiled and kinky as our natural hair. Coconut oil needs to be used in conjunction with a water based leave-in conditioner, like some of my favorites below.

Let’s quickly go over the proper way to ensure that your hair is moisturized:

Liquid-based leave in conditioner, Oil to seal, and Cream to style (LOC) OR Liquid-based leave in conditioner, Cream to style, and Oil to seal (LCO).

Does Coconut Oil Moisturize Natural Hair? |

While it’s all fun and games to idolize coconut oil as the giver of life, joy, and happiness, just know that it cannot, by itself, give your hair life.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! As a transitioning natural, I try to follow the LOC method but all of the articles about coconut oil being bae can get confusing.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I tried to get into this coconut oil fad but I just couldn’t. I tried it on my hair and skin and wasn’t happy with the effects of either, so I decided to leave it in the kitchen where it belongs LOL.


  3. You are so right dear!!!! I just used some today after applying my leave in and it definitely gave me softer, moisturized hair. Thanks for this!!!!

  4. Very well short piece put together with the animation. I do agree with you on this coconut oil alone don’t moisturize my hair adding the LOC does.