Countdown to the Holidays Starts Now!!

There are exactly 60 days until Christmas y’all!!! The 2020 holiday season probably won’t look like previous holidays, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t celebrate! I’m actually very much looking forward to the holidays this year for a few reasons: first, because 2020 has mostly been trash for the world, so the holiday season offers the promise of redeeming the mess that 2020 has been. Secondly, I spent Christmas last year in the hospital, after giving birth to our son. I’m still salty about it because I wanted nothing more than to be at home for Christmas, but the homie was really comfortable and arrived a full week after my due date. So this Christmas has to make up for last year’s! And lastly, since my son’s first birthday is on December 24th, I want to get all my Christmas energy out before the actual day and make sure that we start traditions now that will make him still feel like his birthday doesn’t get lost in the holiday season.

In that spirit, I’ve created a holiday hub where I’ll be sharing everything from gift guides to holiday meals and decor ideas, plus practical tips for how to enjoy this holiday season on a budget, away from family, and with an attitude of gratitude as we continue to live through this pandemic! There are a couple of holiday gift and decor guides up already, but I’ll be continuing to add in more holiday content over the next couple of weeks. As you do your holiday shopping, strategize how to safely host people for the holidays, or transform the home you’ve been spending a lot of time in into a winter wonderland on a budget, feel free to use the Holiday Hub as a resource!

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  1. Lool at talking about Christmas in October. I’m with you on this. I’ve been playing Christmas Carols just to uplift my soul a little. I really really love Christmas and this year, we deserve to celebrate!

  2. I feel the exact same way. I’m looking forward to Christmas and the upcoming new year myself. Even though 2020 has been a year but I have found some good out of this ordeal. We have been hit with blows after blows with uncomfortable, distasteful, disappointed and corruption of leadership from US to across the globe. I know that God sees and knows what is going on. There will be a day of justice for the oppressors. Where we didn’t have time for Him, a lot of people had to slow down and put God first in their lives. This year is still the year of God manifestation.