Guest Post: Crazy, Sexy, My BC!!!

I’ve gotten a few questions lately about whether it’s best to big chop or transition, so I’m glad Monica, one the fabulous members of the blog family, decided to share her big chop story for the rest of y’all!

My decision to BC was just that… my decision. I didn’t discuss with anybody or cared to get any one’s opinion. I just literally woke up one morning and was beyond frustrated with the appearance of my hair. I had breakage that I was tired of trying to cover up. The years of excessive perming had changed my hair color slightly to a light brown and I was tired of people asking me, “did you dye your hair?”. I was exhausted something had to give. My hair and its appearance were altering my self esteem and that’s when I knew I had to do something fast.

Granted I did try to transition but that only lasted a month. I just didn’t have the patience to work with the two textures, nor did I want to. Honestly I wanted the perm hair off my head. Prior to my decision to go natural, I discovered the world of YouTube and the beautiful black women with beautiful hair and I was captivated and inspired instantly. I wanted and knew I could have beautiful chemically free hair that I didn’t have to buy. It naturally grew out of my head and all I had to do was just stop perming my hair! Ladies, when you come to the realization it’s a beautiful thing.

So since transitioning was out of the picture because I didn’t have the patience, my only option was to BC!!! And that’s just what I did. To make a long story short my last perm was in December of 2011. I transitioned for the month of January and did my big chop in February of 2012!!! I woke up one morning didn’t think twice about it and went straight to the barber shop… not a salon. I was determined and on a mission and I didn’t care who cut my hair. I just knew it had to go for my own peace of mind. I sat my happy butt right in that barber’s chair and as soon as he put those clippers to my head and the buzz of the clippers alarmed me, but then a smile of pure satisfaction crept across my face as my hair dropped to the floor.

Monica can be found on Instagram being crazy, sexy, and cool.

What about you? Do you have a big chop or transitioning story you would like to share? Let us know below or in the contact form!

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  1. I transition because I were used to wearing long hair.i tried short style but it wasn’t for me.

  2. I love her hair and she’s so beautiful! I big chopped in April, 2012 due to excessive hair breakage. I wasn’t aware of any naturalistas and I didn’t even know it was called the BC! I’m in love with my hair and no more perms!