Creme of Nature CNI Moisture Rich Color Transformation

When Creme of Nature reached out to me a couple months ago about being one of their Color Crushes for the CNI Moisture Rich hair color that launched earlier this year, I first got really excited, and then really anxious. After all, I colored my hair a year ago with Creme of Nature and somehow ended up with a temporary bald spot. Honestly, I decided to go ahead with this color treatment to better understand whether it was the Creme of Nature color itself, the stylist’s application, or the blowout right after the color that caused my breakage. I know, risky right? The things I do for the blog! Anyway, it’s been a month and my hair is flourishing (if you haven’t yet seen on Instagram or YouTube), so now I feel comfortable telling you all about my new color!

Creme of Nature brought myself and the other color crushes – Dayna (co-founder,, Tahira (co-founder, The Cut Life), and Shanell (Naturally Nellzy) – down to their headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. We actually got our hair colored and styled at Salon PK, owned by hairstylist Pekela Riley, but guess who colored my hair? Kolor King – the same guy who colored my hair last year! As soon as I found this out I got nervous all over again, but I figured if I experienced breakage again, it either had to be due to Kolor King or Creme of Nature, and I just HAD to know!

Creme of Nature CNI Color Crush

Creme of Nature CNI Color Crush
Creme of Nature CNI Color Crush

Creme of Nature CNI Color Crush Creme of Nature CNI Color Crush

I have a detailed video of my color process here, so I won’t spend time chatting about exactly what was done, what products were used, and in what order. But so far, after a month, I have not experienced any excessive dryness, breakage, or baldness! I do think the indirect heat from sitting under the dryer was much friendlier to my hair than the blow out I received last year.

Creme of Nature CNI Color Crush Creme of Nature CNI Red Hot Burgundy Creme of Nature CNI Red Hot Burgundy Creme of Nature CNI Red Hot Burgundy

I am SO very happy with this color… like this is SO me. Can’t wait to see it grow out a bit more so I can have my signature ombre look (which is really just me being too lazy to recolor), but I’m also hoping it doesn’t fade to a brown quickly. I will definitely keep you posted in the event my hair starts feeling weird or acting up!

Finally, here’s the before and after video of my color crush transformation. I’m cute at the end right?! Tie Cooper SLAYED the heck out of my face and she’s so cute and tiny I wanted to put her in my carry on to make me great every day of my life, but alas, I couldn’t. I clearly just have to get back to Jacksonville!

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  1. I really really want to colour my hair, I am very 4c and really want to dye my hair honey blond, have been researching shea moisture and have decided I will go with that. What do you think about dying ? And do you know what shea moisture dye I should use for honey blond , not sure if it is medium brown or light brown. Help please !

    1. Yay for dying your hair! I don’t know what Shea Moisture you should use but in general I advise people to pick a box color a shade or two lighter than what you want because unless your hair is already light, you’re not going to be the color on the box.

  2. I am glad that you had a very fortunate hair color this time. The color is gorgeous on you. The makeup is flawless also. I haven’t took the plunge to color my hair but you do inspired me to.