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DailyLook Elite Box Review & Unboxing

Because I’ve been traveling so much, I’ve been looking for ways to cut down on my non-essential spending. I realized I was spending at least $200/month on clothing, shoes, and accessories, and I didn’t love my wardrobe enough for that amount to be worthwhile. I came across DailyLook Elite Box, which is a monthly subscription service where a personal stylist curates a box of clothing and accessories based on a style profile that you provide, and sends you a box of 7-11 items each month. I’ve received two out of my three boxes so far, and have had quite the experience, so keep reading to hear why – and perhaps why not – I would recommend DailyLook Elite.

Getting Your Elite Box

First off, I signed up for DailyLook Elite on February 19th with a promotion for three-month free trial that I think I saw on Facebook. To get started, you answer questions about your body type, current size and preferred fit of clothes, and outfits you’d most likely wear. After filling out my style profile, I received an email saying I was on the wait list. As the weeks rolled by, I promptly forgot about signing up and was surprised to receive an email on May 6th, saying my first box was on it’s way! Part of the reason why I was drawn to DailyLook Elite was because a personal stylist curated each box based on your style preferences and needs, so I was looking forward to great communication with my assigned stylist, Una.

Initial Issues with my DailyLook Stylist/Customer Service

Unfortunately, homegirl Una has been a hard one to reach. I emailed her on May 7th, letting her know I would be out of the country for a few weeks, so wished to have my box’s shipment delayed. I didn’t hear anything from her, and assumed all was well, and went off to frolic in Nigeria. Apparently the box came anyway, and the parameters are that you have 7 days to return anything you don’t like – otherwise you’ll be charged with the full cost of the box. I still wasn’t back by May 25th, and shot Una another email saying I would checkout as soon as I was back at my apartment.

If you guessed that my box, which had potentially been sitting outside of my Harlem apartment for up to three weeks was not waiting for me upon my return, you are entirely correct. I promptly checked the tracking information and saw that it was delivered according to UPS (sidebar: thanks UPS for thinking it’s ok to leave large boxes outside people’s apartments), and put up a note on my floor asking if any of my neighbors picked it up. When two days passed and no one stepped forward, I reached out to DailyLook’s customer service and explained how there was no way in heaven or hell I was going to pay for $650 worth of clothing that never saw my eyes.

Surprisingly, the customer service assistant who I e-chatted with (so I could screenshot the convo – I was so serious!) was friendly and understanding, and cleared everything up so that I didn’t have to pay. I still have absolutely no idea what happened to that ghost box, but I hope whoever took it enjoyed it. The sad thing was that your DailyLook account shows the items that are in your box before you receive them, and I was actually looking forward to a few of the picks from the first box, some of which are shown below.

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DailyLook Elite Box #1

On May 29, DailyLook Elite sent me another box, and I was eager to see what I would get. I rushed to check out my virtual box and was a bit anxious because I couldn’t tell whether things would look good on me. I knew for sure that the bag and necklace that was included in my box were way too expensive for my budget, leaving only a few clothing items to choose from. A cool thing about the virtual box is that it links to the page of each item on regular DailyLook, so you can read reviews and even see photos of possible ways to style the items in your box.

DailyLook Elite Box Review DailyLook Elite Box Review DailyLook Elite Box Review DailyLook Elite Box Review

I had high hopes for the white shorts, but they were one of the biggest fashion fit fails of my life (alliteration much?). The denim jacket was awful on me, but I guess it’s the kind of unique piece that some people can rock. I also really liked the fit and shape of the polka dot maxi, but could not think of a single place to which I could wear it. Ultimately, I decided only to keep the black jeans, which cost $69.99. They fit me perfectly, have a nice mid/high rise that is flattering for my body type, and are a classic wardrobe piece.

When I checked out, I left feedback that I didn’t want any accessories in my next box, and in the section that asked if I had any special requests or occasions coming up, I asked for more summery clothes and some rompers/jumpsuits to try on. It’s also super easy to ship your undesired clothes back, either in the original box or in a prepaid bag that DailyLook sends. They email you when they’ve received it, and only charge you for what you keep, as promised!

DailyLook Elite Box #2

Although Una ignored yet another email, she did get my jumpsuit/romper and no accessories memo because this 2nd box was full of them! However, with all one-pieces, sizing was a huge issue, so none of the jumpsuits that came in my box actually fit me – either they were too tight on the legs, too short, or awkwardly cut for my body. The linen jumpsuit was close to an ok fit, but the fabric made me feel like a paper mache project from elementary school.

Una also sent over this crop top that was $200, was a challenge to squeeze into, and made me feel like a dominatrix. That combined with the leather skirt that was sent had me confused about what part of “send summer clothes” Una missed. Luckily, I scored with my shift dress, which is one of my summer style essentials, and a floral maxi dress that I would never look at twice if I saw it in the store. The maxi was the perfect example of when a clothing subscription box works – exposing you to clothing items that you might not think to try on when intermingled with 400 other selections at a store. The shift dress was 69.99, and the maxi was a steal at 59.99!

Final Thoughts

I have one more box in my free trial, and afterwards, the DailyLook Elite box costs $20, which is applied to the cost of any item you keep. I’m waiting on the 3rd box to make a final decision as to whether I’ll continue using it, but I definitely spent less on useless clothing in May and June. Although the items are not incredibly cheap, I feel like I’m only buying what I really like, not what I’m drawn to at a store simply because it’s on sale. You can also skip a box any month you decide to, though since I haven’t tried to do so myself and I know not to expect a response from Una, I’m not sure how valid that is.

So, who do I think DailyLook Elite box is good for? Women who are fashion forward or want to try new trends but are too lazy/busy/overwhelmed to go to the store – and won’t have a fit when they’re randomly sent a $150 blouse. Women who want to expand their wardrobe slightly without being on a thrift store only budget. If you’re interested in signing up, there’s a 14-day free trial promo where you get a box and then are charged the initial styling fee after 14 days, so you can very well order the box, hate everything, and return it all risk-free! Full disclosure: I get $25 credit for each referral, but that’ll just help me continue to #stuntforthegram.

Who do I think should avoid DailyLook Elite? Women who are genuinely trying to cut down their clothing spending – although DailyLook carries a range of prices on their main site, the minimum cost of items in the boxes are $50. If you thoroughly enjoy shopping and will continue to do so regardless of receiving the box, then don’t bother getting it.

Would you use DailyLook Elite or a clothing subscription box service as a way to curb your fashion spending or make shopping easier?

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  1. Nice stuff Of course, distinctive packaging aids in brand recognition and client confidence. Make sure, however, that your imaginative package will’survive’ the lengthy delivery journey. When the purchaser received the package after we once tried some delicate packaging, it was entirely smashed.

  2. There is a lot of crazy expensive stuff, but I did get a tank for around $25 I liked, as well as some leggings around $25 and sunglasses around $40, so it’s a mix.

  3. Meh. Not for me but I guess I see how some could benefit. I agree with the other comments and will add SAHM to “students”! Lol. I’ve just discovered a bomb thrift shop in my neighborhood… my go-to from now on!

  4. The Daily Look is a good alternative for shopping but like you said some items are more than I want to spend.

    1. I find myself in between student and busy working class lady so I feel you! So far I’ve managed to only buy things that are classic and necessary, so I don’t feel so bad about the price tag – as long as the clothes last!