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Does Coloring Natural Hair Damage Your Hair Texture?

It’s been six months since I colored my natural hair a two-toned red/blonde mix, and I figured I’d share with you how my hair reacted to the color, and whether I’ve experienced any hair damage.

To be clear, my hair is both growing and retaining length. I can tell it’s growing because my roots are darker, my natural hair color, and I know it’s retaining length because my twists and braids are longer when I style my hair, and I can no longer wash it without sectioning if I don’t want a mass of tangles. And while the density of the blond part does make it harder for my hair to stand straight up when stretched, it still becomes a fro when shrunken:

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One of the main reasons I’ve been able to maintain healthy colored natural hair is because I’ve taken good care of my hair, by deep conditioning regularly, using steam to hydrate my hair from the inside out, and occasionally protective styling to give my hair a rest.

I plan on coloring my hair again very soon, and can’t wait to show you the new look, as well as continue proving that you CAN color very kinky hair and still have healthy strands!

Have you colored your natural hair? Did you experience damage or changes to your hair texture?

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    1. Oh no! I do know that your hair can do weird things if you color on top of henna so that might be part of the problem. What kind of color did you use?