Dressing the Flower Girls & Ringbearers for the Wedding | Klassy Kinks

Dressing the Flower Girls & Ringbearers for the Wedding

If people have up to a year to bless newlyweds with a gift, then I can talk about my wedding for a year without any judgment right? Well that’s my plan anyway, and today I’m talking about something that might be an afterthought for some brides: what to have the flower girls and ring bearers wear!

Let’s start with the girls. Finding the right flower girl dress was a process! I know that some brides like to have their flower girls in frilly white dresses that make them look like little brides, but I really wanted my flower girls to be able to wear their dresses after the wedding. We also had flower girls of various ages, so we had to choose a dress that would be age appropriate for both a four year old and an eleven year old. Finally, the bridesmaids dresses were sequined and blush, and I wanted the flower girl dresses to match those. I had more requirements for their dresses than I did for mine!

Dressing the Flower Girls & Ringbearers for the Wedding | Klassy Kinks

I searched a couple of department stores, boutiques, and even Etsy shops in vain for a few weeks but wasn’t able to find anything that I really liked. One day while scrolling through Instagram, I came across a giveaway by Monbebe Lagos, a Texas based girls special occasion dress shop. When I went to their website and saw their large collection of customizable dresses AND realized they were Nigerian owned, I knew I’d found the flower girl dresses! I was able to work with Flo to customize the Aubrey dress with champagne sequins and ivory tulle, and even provided some of the girls’ exact measurements to make for a perfect fit!

For the ringbearers, we had to come up with a look that my 2 year old rambunctious nephew would tolerate. Our wedding was pretty formal, but I just knew Judah wouldn’t make it down the aisle in a suit. I don’t particularly like vests, so we decided to go with bow ties and suspenders for the boys! We found the most adorable gold polka dotted bowties from black-owned Knotted Bowties, and Ronald was super kind to make sure the sizes would fit both the 2 year old and the 8 year old.

Dressing the Flower Girls & Ringbearers for the Wedding | Klassy Kinks

Even though I wasn’t able to see my babies walk down the aisle, I’m SO happy that their outfits turned out exactly how I envisioned them!

Special thanks to Monbebe Lagos and Knotted Bowties for helping dress our flower girls and ringbearers!

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  1. Awe to cute, you did an amazing job dressing and designing the wedding outfit. You really did your homework because it was a beautiful gorgeous wedding.