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Easy Holiday Decor Ideas

If you’ve hesitated decorating your space for the holidays because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on temporary decor, I totally feel you. When we decorated our apartment for the holidays in 2017, we only spent $20 on holiday decor, proving that you don’t need to spend money on a huge tree to have Christmas decor (though if you want to go all out on a Christmas tree, that’s totally valid!). Even without a huge tree, there are a few ways ways you can infuse some cheer into your living space without compromising on practicality or budget! Here are some ideas for easy holiday decor.

Easy Holiday Decor Ideas | Ijeoma Kola


Add a splash of real or faux greenery with a wreath, a garland, or a mini tree. Half garlands around mirrors are very trendy and non committal, but there’s nothing like the scent of a fresh homemade wreath!

Easy Holiday Decor Ideas | Ijeoma Kola

Something Red

Round out your Christmas colors with something red like ribbons, stockings, fur, or plaid. You can use throw pillows and blankets as another way to temporarily bring in some red. Our plaid blanket was a wedding gift!

Easy Holiday Decor Ideas | Ijeoma Kola
Easy Holiday Decor Ideas | Ijeoma Kola
Easy Holiday Decor Ideas | Ijeoma Kola
Easy Holiday Decor Ideas | Ijeoma Kola


You don’t need a tree to have ornaments – put them in bowls, vases, on the door, you name it. Our ornament wreath is my favorite decor piece from last year – can you believe I found it at CVS?!

Easy Living Room Decor for the Holidays | Klassy Kinks


String lights are a perfect way to include some cheer around your home. Even if you don’t have a tree, drape lights around a door, a bookcase, or wrap them around a wreath. Candles are another way you can incorporate light into your decor. Tapered candles are really elegant, and scented candles can bring in the smell of Christmas even if you’re using faux greenery.

All these tiny elements are enough to get in the Christmas spirit, especially as soon as you turn on a Christmas playlist and light a holiday scented candle!

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