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Easy Mohawk Updo Tutorial

I swear this whole blogging thing is a trip – I can spend 3 hours doing my hair and get 50 likes, but when I whip something together in the wee hours of the night in 5 minutes, people go crazy over it! Just goes to show that natural hair styling does NOT have to be complicated to be cute! In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s how I achieved this easy mohawk updo on blow-dried hair, though it can also be achieved on stretched hair or even an old twist or blow out if you want to add some texture!

I need to start being more creative with the front of my hair, because that rolled to the side pompadour roll is pretty much how I do the front of my hair for any quick updo lol. Oh well, whatever works!

If you recreate this mohawk updo style, be sure to email or tag me so I can see!

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  1. Like this style, I wished it could be accomplished on a weave if your stylist would have followed your order of lleaving some of your hair out in the back so you can pulled up your hair. Very nice style

    1. If your hair is long enough unstretched to make it work, then that would be fine too. It could be done on a twistout, but will be more textured rather than smooth.

  2. That’s always how it is with hair styling! You do the simplest thing and people go ga-ga over it. Nicole Melton’s famous top knot is one of those fluke styles. Love when that happens. This is super cute.