Ijeoma Kola painting a white wall to demonstrate one of her easy room makeover ideas

5 Easy Room Makeover Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

It feels like it’s been 574 days since we’ve been stuck at home, so if you’re anything like me, you’ve been looking for tiny ways to switch up your home decor so it looks fresh. Here are five easy room makeover ideas to redecorate your space without spending a ton of money, inspired by my bedroom revamp project that I’ll be revealing next month!

Move your furniture around

My favorite tried and true way of making my room look brand new is to move the furniture around. A few weeks ago we moved our bed from one wall to another, and it completely transformed the space (we also did it before in our last bedroom!). In a living room, try changing the location of your main couch, or move the tv to a different wall. In a home office, try turning your desk on the perpendicular, and see if you find it easier to focus.

Update your accessories

When we think of redecorating a room, we often think about buying new furniture pieces. But often it’s the small pieces of furniture, decor, and accessories that can change the feel of a room as well like textiles (think curtains, bedding, throws, or pillows), lighting, and decorative accents. I recently changed up my couch covers in the living room and it gave the space a completely different vibe. New light fixtures in the bedroom and new throw pillows also breathed new life into that space.

Paint an accent wall

Interior wall colors can set the mood and aura of a space, and creating an accent wall is a low-cost way to completely transform the mood of a room. Whether you choose a solid paint color, a hand drawn mural (I’m a fan of the handpainted circle and arch trends), or a wallpaper-esque look using a stencil, you’ll be surprised by how far a can of paint can change the look and feel of a room.

A note on wall stencils — wall stenciling has a huge learning curve, so I suggest you start with a very small and inconspicuous corner first or try painting a sample piece of cardboard. For our bedroom accent wall, I used the Mali Mudcloth stencil by Royal Stencils and dark charcoal paint. At first, my roller was a bit too wet, which made the paint a runny disaster. So if you plan on going the stencil route, use a dry roller and just a bit of paint at a time! Totally worth it though because a wallpaper would have cost 4x more.

Declutter Your Space

Maybe it’s not that your room needs redecorating to feel fresh, but it just needs to be cleared of things that you no longer use and love. Decluttering is not only therapeutic but also adds visual lightness and airiness to a room as your eyes are less burdened by all the clutter. This is definitely one of those room makeover ideas that does so much good for the soul! Maybe you have too many throw pillows in your living room or too many clothes in your closet — let go of the things that you no longer want and need, and allow the pieces you love to truly shine!

Restyle a vignette

If you want to redecorate your space really quickly, just restyle one surface — a nightstand, a coffee table, a desk, a vanity, etc. First start by clearing off everything from the surface, then think about what items need to be there. For example, you can keep your remote on your coffee table, but consider placing it on a tray or on a stack of books so it appears more intentionally styled. What needs to be on your nightstand? Maybe a candle, a lamp, and your journal? Once you’ve decided on what needs to be in the vignette, round it out with one or two decorative accents to tie everything together. Remember to work in odd numbers — it looks better! I restyled the shelving unit in my bedroom after decluttering, and now that corner of the room is much more welcoming and inviting, as opposed to messy.

Which of these easy room makeover ideas would you be keen to try in your home?

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  1. I love the ideas mentioned. Decluttering is where I’m starting first,new statement pieces,and painting will be great options to redo my room.