Emirates Business Class Review Nairobi-New York + B777 vs. A380 Comparison

As you probably know by now, I had the opportunity to partner with Emirates on our trip to the US and back to Kenya. I was able to share how we traveled with a toddler during the pandemic and ten things to do in the Dubai Airport, and now I’m doing a full review of the Emirates Business Class experience on their Boeing B777 and Airbus A380 planes between Nairobi and Dubai and Dubai and New York. Keep reading to learn more about all the different amenities available on Emirates — in all cabins! — as well as why the Emirates Business class experience between Nairobi and New York is unmatched.

Health & Safety

If you are worried about traveling right now — justifiably so! — Emirates’ measures aboard their aircraft and at their airports demonstrate a real commitment to the health & safety of their passengers. In addition to thoroughly sanitizing the aircraft before boarding, the Emirates cabin crew provided us with hand sanitizer wipes to use once we took our seats. The cabin crew also wore disposable protective gear over their uniforms, gloves, masks, and occasionally eye shields. Since we flew business class, where food is usually served already plated, the cabin crew gave us the option of receiving our food covered or uncovered. I opted for covered just for additional safety! Flying business class also meant that the cabin was less crowded, so it was easier to social distance on the plane.

Fine Dining Above Sea Level

Of all the airplane food I’ve ever had, Emirates is one of the very best. Their menu had so many varieties of food, ranging from seafood to rice to decadent desserts. And the drinks! I cannot stop thinking about a vodka gimlet one of the flight attendants made for me that were derived from the mint cucumber mocktail on the menu. It was so delicious!

In-flight entertainment

Whether you like to fall asleep listening to music or stay awake for the entire flight watching the latest blockbuster hits, the Emirates ICE entertainment system has something for you! There are movies for all cinephiles — kids & Disney movies, recent releases, African movies, Bollywood movies, Arabic movies, and more. Plus there are TV shows, podcasts, and even a calming meditation series that is perfect for in-air anxiety.

Business Class Perks

I’ve flown Emirates numerous times before, but always in Economy class. Now the in-flight entertainment system and health & safety measures will be the same regardless of your flight cabin, but there are some wonderful perks of flying Emirates business class! I already talked about the benefit of having a less crowded cabin, but the most exciting aspect of flying business class is the lie-flat beds to ensure you arrive at your destination well-rested. Business-class travelers also receive beautiful Bvlgari toiletry bags with all the toiletries you need to continue on your journey: toothbrush & toothpaste, hand and body lotion, sanitizer, and more.

Those are some of the in-flight perks, but the Emirates Business experience extends into the airports. At JFK, the business lounge included a boarding door so you could get right on your plane without having to re-enter the airport. And the Emirates Business Lounge in Dubai has to take up at least a 1/4 of Terminal 3 — it’s MASSIVE. Even though it was operating at reduced capacity, the service was impeccable, the food was delicious, and there were plenty of available and distanced seats. If you’ve ever had a long layover, you know how important it is to find a place to rest and recharge, and the Emirates Business Lounge in Dubai is THAT PLACE.

Emirates B777 vs A380

I had the opportunity to experience the Emirates business class service on both the Boeing B777 and the Airbus A380, and in this video, I show some of the differences between the two planes. They have slightly different seating configurations, but even if you’re a solo traveler and end up in a middle section seat, there is plenty of privacy and space between the two seats. The B777 had three recline buttons, while the A380 had 4 different options. The A380 business class seats also had their own pre-stocked mini-bar, which meant not having to ask a flight attendant for some water during the flight. But the biggest difference is the business lounge at the back of the double-decker Airbus A380 — it was a space where you could always grab additional snacks or drinks, or just stretch your legs during your flight. It was perfect for us as our son was more alert on the flight from JFK to Dubai and wanted to run around.

Emirates Business Class Review

If you’ve never flown Emirates before, you should definitely consider doing so. It is an elite airline and having now flown both Business Class and Economy between New York and Nairobi, I can confidently say that the service, amenities, and experience in both cabins is well worthwhile. Head to Emirates.com to book your next travel adventure on the Boeing B777 or Airbus A380!.

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