Entryway Makeover ft. Tira Studio

Even though we don’t have anyone besides family over anymore, I’m still tackling some home projects to make our space more functional. One of my recent challenges has been baby-proofing our living spaces since we have a very soon-to-be-toddler on our hands! My son likes to put everything in his mouth, including dirty shoes, so we were in desperate need of an entryway makeover with a rattan closed shoe cabinet to keep our shoes out of sight.

The Before

I collaborated with Tira Studio to design and produce a custom rattan shoe cabinet to meet all our needs! I provided the initial design idea of a rattan shoe cabinet and my desired measurements, and they suggested a light green ash wood to blend seamlessly with the rattan for a more neutral look.

We took into consideration a depth that would accommodate up to a men’s size 12, and fit at least two pairs of chunky sneakers across. We also wanted a height that would double as a console where we could keep keys and masks, and have a bit of leg space in case we wanted to put baskets or guest shoes.

The After

Drag the slider to see!

The most exciting part about designing the cabinet was that we decided to make it available to YOU too! You can purchase the IJE Shoe Cabinet from Tira Studio here, and use the code IJE20 for a discount! It’s only available in Kenya right now though, and takes a few weeks to produce, but it’s a finely made piece of custom furniture and I’m so proud that I designed it!

To complete our entryway makeover, I stipple painted a grey mirror gold to make it look a bit antique. I also added tall pampas to a vase on the floor to provide more organic elements to the corner. I bought marbles to place in the vase to make it sturdy if my son were to try to tip it over, but I think he’s afraid of the pampas grass because he hasn’t even approached it.

On the top of the cabinet, I placed a rattan tray for keys, rings, and sanitizer, some books and vases, and a catch-all bowl to hold masks and miscellaneous items. Altogether it was a huge makeover and I’m really happy with how it came out!

Entryway Makeover Decor Sources:

Want to see the cabinet come to life? Watch the behind the scenes video of our entryway makeover!

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