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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About My Natural Hair

Rarely does a day go by without me getting asked about my hair. I get it, it’s cute! Haha. But actually, it’s rare to see images of black women happily and comfortably wearing their tight, kinky natural hair in a shrunken, undefined state, especially in formal and professional settings. When I first went natural eight years ago, it was important to me to make my hair look nice to change people’s perception of kinky textured hair. Now, I don’t put nearly as much thought in my hair as I used to, so I’ve put together a handy dandy syllabus (can you tell I’m a professional student?!) answering most of the questions I often get about my hair. Keep scrolling to learn more about my hair color, my wash day routine, how I take care of my hair in general, and what I think about hair typing.

ijeoma kola kinky natural hair afro
how i take care of my natural hair, ijeoma kola

ijeoma kola kinky natural hair afro

What’s my hair color?

The #1 question I get usually every day! Bonus discussion about how to keep colored hair healthy and advice for people interested in coloring their hair.

How do I wash my hair?

Washing your hair doesn’t have to be a pain, take all day, or result in a lot of breakage.

How do I care for my hair and prevent breakage?

Kinky hair is the most fragile type of hair, so here are some tips for keeping it strong and healthy.

What’s My Hair Type?

This video is a serious throwback (from 2012!) but explains why I don’t believe in hair typing and don’t think it’s a useful way to think about your hair. Don’t worry, I explain some alternative things you should think about, like porosity and density!

Pretty sure I covered everything possible, but if you have any other questions about my hair, feel free to ask!

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  1. I love these tips! I was also wondering if it is okay to deep condition hair without shampooing? I just dyed/bleached my hair so I wanted to know how I could start adding more moisture to my hair regime.

    1. It depends on the rest of your routine – if there’s too much product buildup in your hair, the deep conditioner won’t be able to really deposit into your hair strands unless they’re clean. It’d be kind of like putting fabric softener on a t-shirt with caked up mud – if you don’t remove the mud first, the fabric softener’s ability to soften the tee will be irrelevant. I’d personally only deep condition with a shampoo during a full wash day, and instead focus on using a really hydrating leave in conditioner and hair butter to support the moisture in my hair