My First Lacefront Wig! KinkyCurlyYaki Afro Coily Lacefront

I know that lace and lacefront wigs have been making their way around the protective style circuit for years now, but like I was with havana twists and crochet braids, I’m a bit late to the party. I was really concerned about the stress that lace wigs can have on your edges, but as soon as I saw that people were using this gel to “glue” down their wigs, I figured I would give it a try. Here’s how I styled my KinkyCurlyYaki Afro Coily lacefront wig – I transformed it to make it look JUST like my hair!

The wig I received was the 18 inch KinkyCurlyYaki Afro Coily lacefront wig, which is the same texture as the u-part wig that I styled a few months ago. KinkyCurlyYaki recently upgraded their packaging, so the wig arrived in a gorgeous box with purple foil detail, as well as a complete kit containing everything I would need to style the wig: a wig stand, bobby pins, hair clips, mini denman brush, and Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Cleansing Cowash. Since I knew I would manipulating the wig a lot, I purchased this cork mannequin head, t-pins, and a table clamp to make the whole process easier.

I had just recently gotten my hair blown out, but it quickly poofed up before I could do anything exciting with it, so I knew that I wanted to blowout my Afro Coily lace wig. Before doing so, I colored the hair to match my own. My red hot burgundy haircolor has pretty much faded, so I used this hair color to replicate the current golden brown color of my own hair. I didn’t record the color process but I did periodically check in on Instagram stories and managed to remember to save the footage:

I let the wig dry overnight, and then proceeded to blow dry it the next day. Before I did, I braided up my own hair into struggle cornrows (I need to practice more!) so I could get it as flat as possible. On my scalp, I used this new oil I’m feeling and to keep my hair soft for the week or so I was going to wear the wig, I used one of my favorite moisturizers since like year one of the natural hair game. Random fun fact, it’s actually displayed in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture! I HAVE to make my way down there sometime.

Back to the wig: to blow dry, I first sprayed this leave-in conditioner to re-wet the hair, and then applied this heat protectant. After quickly detangling with my fingers and then a wide-toothed comb, I used the mini denman brush that KinkyCurlyYaki included in the package to brush the hair while applying heat with this dryer. The Afro Coily hair was an absolute DREAM to blow dry – I wish my actual hair was this easy! The length of the hair when blowdried was right around my waist, which was WAY longer than I am used to, so I got scared and cut it!

For the actual styling, I used this mousse and did about 15 bantu knots all around. I attempted to dry it under a soft bonnet dryer for 30 minutes (ambitious, I know) and the curls came out nicely but fell within an hour. I tried again by letting the bantu knots dry overnight, which resulted in way better curls. To add some shine, I used this peppermint oil – it smells AMAZING. If you can manage to keep your hands out of your hair (I couldn’t), then these knots should last you about three wears!

I did record a video of the blow drying, cutting, styling, and application process, which I’ve linked below:

Currently plotting what other styles I can do with my KinkyCurlyYaki Afro Coily lace wig!

How do you think I did on my first lace wig? Have you tried lace wigs before?

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