Four Down, Forever to Go

It’s our four-year wedding anniversary! The first thing Jonathan said to me today was “we’ve been married for almost five years,” which is an inside joke because when we celebrated our first wedding anniversary he used the same line and I scolded him for being completely inaccurate. But we’re actually almost at the 5-year mark! In our married time together, we’ve navigated a conception journey, an intercontinental move, a child, and a year and a half working side by side together in the same office, one full year of which was in a pandemic lockdown. Last year, we’d planned to take a trip for our anniversary, and optimistically moved it to this year. That clearly couldn’t happen yet, so we (ok I) decided to celebrate by doing a wedding anniversary photoshoot that incorporated our son!

I had this hilarious — truly thigh-slapping funny — idea that I could still fit my wedding dress. Whew chile I tried that thing on and my hips were like ma’am but you had a whole baby. But I still wanted to incorporate it somehow, so I had the brilliant idea to try the overskirt part of my dress to see if it could work as a cape. And it did! The last piece of the puzzle was to try and recreate my wedding hairstyle, and I wanted to do it justice, which meant getting my hair colored again. It’s been so long since I had color in my hair so at first, I was a bit shocked, but I absolutely love it! More videos on the hair coloring experience and the behind-the-scenes of our wedding anniversary shoot to come to my YouTube channel, but in the meantime, please enjoy the rest of these photos from our fourth wedding anniversary photoshoot!

If you’re unfamiliar with our love story, here are some highlights!

Our Engagement Story

Our Traditional Engagement

Some Wedding Pics

Our Wedding Video

Wedding Anniversary Shoot Image Credits:

Photography & Creative Direction: Wanini Wambui
Hair: Pascal Hair Kenya
Makeup: Linda Jenna
Jumpsuit: The Native Woman
Cape: Jean Ralph Thurin
Location: Naishola Gardens

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  1. Congratulations 👏🏾👏🏾 on your fourth year of marriage! It’s a tremendous deal in marrying the right person 👌🏾. Happy belated Anniversary 😊!