Friday Feelings, Faves, and Finds

I’ve added a couple more blogs to my repertoire and noticed that some people do Friday round-ups of their favorite things for the week, whether a beauty product they’ve been loving or an article they came across. I figured I’d join in on the fun, especially on Fridays when I just can’t muster up a deep blog post (though I have a BOMB one coming for you on Monday with major blogging advice!). Since I just have to be different from everyone else (eh hem, I was the girl who chose purple as her favorite color at age 3 just because everyone else was swooning for pink), I decided to add a bit about the various thoughts and feelings but still want to share my thoughts with you all.


I’ve been checking the news pretty much on the hour all week, waiting to see what ridiculously ill-intentioned and potentially life changing decision America’s new president makes next. I am most nervous about potential changes to funding for the CDC, NIH, and NSF – who all support much of the public health work I currently or will, as well as immigration laws. Though currently only mostly Muslim countries are expected to have immigration restrictions, all it takes is a terrorist attack in Kenya or Nigeria to get our names on the list too.

The only thing that has brought me joy that has anything to do with politics is Chrisette Michele. I know we shouldn’t be laughing at anyone’s misfortune but I guffawed when I read that she was mad she didn’t get to shake his hand after performing in the inauguration. I hope she finds a good way to invest her check because it’s not looking like she’ll get another one for a long time.

In personal and distraught news, I received four emails of someone’s penis in my inbox this week. Yup. I was innocently flipping through my emails when the first one popped up, and I nearly threw up. I felt completely violated, and assaulted. I immediately started to blame myself, going through Instagram to see if there was any post that was suggestive in any way, but then realized that there is no such thing as “asking for it”, whether it be physical sexual assault or virtual. I’m feeling better but now paranoid about emails, and struggling to forgive whoever was behind it all.


I’ve worn this faux fur jacket darn near fifty-eleven times since I got it. At first, I felt like Joanne the Scammer, and Jonathan said I looked like big bird (which is so wrong!). But I can’t take it off, it makes me feel fabulous!

This hairspray has taken me from wig newbie to pro in just 5 seconds. It’s like literal glue in a spray bottle. Crazy. In the best way possible.

Loving all of Becca’s makeup products, but this primer is so perfect for an everyday makeup look where you want to glow without actually putting on highlighter. Subtle radiance.

I’m trying to convince Jonathan that we can cut 10 people off the wedding guest list (despite already sending out save the dates tehehe) just so I can afford these shoes. Come on, tell me these aren’t a must have!!


Been eyeing huge mirrors to display our guest seating chart at the wedding but they cost like $500 and since I need that to help get the above shoes (lol), I’m considering going the DIY route with this tutorial.

This orange glazed salmon recipe looks amazing!! Someone suggested I follow Immaculate Bites for recipes and that suggestion was on point because I’ve been loving everything she’s posted.

Thinking of adding this pouf into our living room decor. I’ve been struggling getting the whole modern African vibe in the decor (the gallery wall is perf though!) without looking like a tourist’s home who just came back from safari. It’s $250 on Wayfair but Target has it for $140 until tomorrow!

I have the furthest thing from a green thumb, so these realistic wood flowers seem perfect for centerpieces because my dollar stores ones are no longer doing it for me.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I enjoyed Friday feeling, faves and find. This was a terrific post and would love to see more. Tell BAE he is wrong about the jacket, I love it and pretty sure that you received so many compliments.