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How to Get a Super Defined Twistout

We just talked about why your twistout doesn’t come out right, but here’s a surefire way to have a beautifully laid twistout with definition, volume, and bounce. It requires three things: dry hair, hanging bantu knots, and products with moisture, hold, and shine. Combining these three things results in a defined twistout that will frame your face regardless of your hair length or texture!

1. Start on Dry Hair


Some of the reasons twistouts fail miserably is that they don’t fully dry, or they’re so short and shrunken that you spend time trying to elongate your hair during the takedown process, frizzing it up and destroying any definition you may have had.

By starting your twistout on dry, stretched hair, you ensure that your hair will have time to set, which means that separation will be easier and create less frizz. You also get less shrinkage!

2. Use Hanging Bantu Knots

Hanging bantu knots are just bantu knots done on just the ends of your hair, so why are they so exciting and important? Listen Linda – once you do them, you’ll never go back to doing twistouts without knotting your ends, and you surely won’t be using perm rods often! Hanging bantu knots will give your hair volume and shape, keep your ends sealed and protected, and improve the separation process.

3. Use the Right Products

Gone are the days where you have to choose between moisturized hair and defined hair while doing your twistouts. Products like the Creme of Nature with Argan Oil from Morocco for Natural Hair line have ingredients that are both moisturizing AND defining. For this look, I used the Butterlicious Curls to remoisturize dampened hair, the Pudding Perfection to twist each section down to about one inch from the end, and the Twirling Custard on the ends to form the bantu knots. The next morning, I used the 100% Pure Argan Oil to smooth my twists before separating. If you want really sleek edges, the Perfect Edges is the bomb diggity!

So How Do You Actually DO The Twists and Hanging Bantu Knot Thingamabobs?

Now that we know all the components of a bomb twistout, how do we actually make one happen?? Of course your girl made a video detailing all the steps!

Not only is the result a super defined twistout, but – wait for it – it lasts for DAYS without retwisting or remoisturizing! The combination of moisturizers, stylers, and an oil to seal everything in creates the optimal environment for a twistout – soft, bouncy, moveable, and long-lasting kinks. To preserve at night, just use a jumbo bonnet like the ones from Flor Bella Boutique.

What strategies do you use to get your most defined twistout?

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  1. I am glad that I read this article. I have been natural for 9 years and I always style my hair while wet because it more manageable. The time that it takes to dry is unbearable because I have to strategically time when I’ll do my hair so that it can be dry in time. I will now revert to styling my hair on dry hair to get a better look and more definition. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Awesome tips. I used to have mushy twist outs because they wouldn’t dry completely. My hair styles better dry. I will have to practice Bantu knots more. Thanks for sharing your techniques and products. I’m loving your hair color!

    1. Thanks! Styling on damp hair was a complete gamechanger… even just letting your hair dry in braids for two hours before twisting can make a huge difference in dry time.

  3. Hello, Hello I want to say this style gave me also the best twist out Ever. Normally, my twist out are a flop but this time it were a success, ?. I used Carol’s Daughter hair milk and pudding. Wow thanks KK

  4. I love this style I’m going 6try this one on my next wash day. I’m not really successful with twist out but I’m going to try this style. I’m going to choose the best products to use in which I have so many in my arsenal. I going to try to style on stretch dry hair. Thanks again KK for another wonderful video.