Hair (and Life) Update: Small Twists & Flat Twists

Hey friends, I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! I always look forward to getting together with family and stuffing my face with food, but I always dread the stressful post-Thanksgiving weeks that mark the end of the fall academic semester. I’ve got exactly 16 days until I’m free from reading, papers, and Biostatistics (thank God!) for a wee bit. I’m also going to Nigeria right after my stats final so I am super excited to get all my work done and go kick it in my birthplace for a few weeks! And while I personally won’t be plugged into the web, I’ve got a great lineup of posts from the blog’s new contributors, so you won’t even miss me!

Anywho, on to my hair. I knew for SURE that I wouldn’t have nary not one second to be worrying about my hair in the midst of all the reading and writing I have to do, so I opted to put it in smallish twists for a few weeks. On Tuesday, I carefully went through my hair, finger detangled and moisturized using the Carol’s Daughter Tui Moisturizing Leave-In and some products sent to me by Ishimma (full review coming soon and Nigerian owned woot woot!). I then braided (or maybe twisted, I honestly cant remember) it overnight to stretch, and the next day, I broke down my sections into small twists. For some flair, I added flat twists on the sides using the last bits of my Entwine Creme Jelle Styler, and twisted the front portion of my hair forward to create a bang. My mental plan is to pin up the twists for this week, remoisturize and throw in some perm rods so I can be cute over the weekend at Fashionista Toia’s Healthy Hair and Beauty Affair event, and then rock it out until mid next week — wear a twist out for a few days, then do a massive deep condition before I travel.

In my most elaborate dreams, I plan to put together a 2013 hairstyle recap post/video like I did for 2012 (photos here), as I found it a great exercise both for myself and my internet friends (that’s you) to simultaneously watch the progression of my hair and see a chock full of hairstyles. But I’d also like to get an updated regimen video up, and I don’t think I’ll have the time, strength, or willpower to do them both. Cross your fingers that I can be academically fierce and be able to get at least 1 of these videos up before I leave!

Finally, it’s your last chance to get 50% off the customized regimen services! Inquiries have to be received by Monday, December 9th so I can get your customized regimen back to you before I leave on the 17th. It’s an awesome way to get a knowledgable natural hair fiend (that’s me) to access your hair regimen and tweak it to best meet your needs. Plus, if I don’t know what to suggest based on experience or knowledge, I’ll research it for you; a PhD is essentially a research degree so I’m pretty good with that skill lol. Speaking of sales, did you guys get any natural hair goodies this weekend? I treated myself to a Pardon My Fro sweatshirt and the QRedew, can’t wait to show/tell y’all about them!

Is anyone else in school? How are you wearing your hair at the end of the semester?

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  1. Yours truly is well into the 7th week of her kinky twists with no plan to take it down until Jan3 next year. Gonna do 3 months no matter want. Please don’t nobody preach. What I’m trying to do for a change is wash every month, with the twists in. I used to never wash when I had extensions, no matter how long I had them in . We’ll see how I feel when the term is done and I’m on break for 2 weeks. Meanwhile, girl, you heading for Nigeria for Christmas? Can I please stow away in your hand luggage? So jealous right now Have fun. Make sure you eat enough suya and African salad and nkwobi to last a year lol!!! Enjoy.

    1. 3 months, God bless your heart!! Man I can barely make it to 6 weeks I just get bored out of my mind. And yes o I’m beyond excited I don’t like African salad (all that cream is OD) but suya, nkwobi, and akara galore!