My Haute Kinks Partial Weave from Haute Kinky Hair!

You should definitely know about A Summer Protective Styling Brunch by now, but it is an event I’m hosting with Haute Kinky Hair a few weeks from now, to discuss their quality hair extensions that mimic natural hair textures, as well as to share tips for how to use wigs, weaves, braids, and other protective styles to help and not hurt your natural hair.

Summer Protective Styling Brunch Flyer Pre-Final Low-Res

In preparation for the event, Haute Kinky Hair sent me 2 bundles of their Haute Kinks collection, for women with hair commonly categorized as Type 4*, both in 20 inches. I ombre colored the hair to better match my own, but then high tailed myself over to the salon chair of AfricanCreature/Hair by Susy because Lord knows the very last thing I know how to do on this earth is a weave. Susy took great care of me from the very first time I emailed her with questions about whether I should do a full weave, partial weave, or a U-part wig, all the way to giving me a fabulous photo shoot once done with styling.

For the first few days I had just been pineappling my hair at night – I couldn’t do much else because of the slight scalp tightness, and when I say slight I mean I would only feel it every few minutes – but I wanted to workout so put my hair in some braids. Here is the post-separating and fluffing result.

Stay tuned for plenty more videos and posts about how I colored this hair, and the various ways that I plan to style it!


*Because I don’t believe in hair typing, I’ve come up with a way to discuss hair types for people who like to do so without compromising my beliefs. I took a cue from Prince, or “the artist formerly known as Prince”.

Do you think the Haute Kinks collection looks enough like my real hair? What styles and looks would you like to see me do with my Haute Kinks?

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  1. Love your way of describing the hair type. I’ve been trying to think how to do so myself. Anywho… yaaaassss this was event day! LOL! It certainly DID look like yours. Great job on the color and kudos to Haute Kinky Hair on deceiving folks. 😉