How I Colored my Haute Kinks with Shea Moisture Color System

We took a break yesterday for Memorial Day, but hope you all enjoyed your days off and took some time to honor and remember those who put themselves on the line for freedom every day. Back to our regularly scheduled programming!

I knew when I received my Haute Kinks in the mail from Haute Kinky Hair that I would have to get it colored to better match all the colors in my hair. Partly due to curiosity and partly due to frugality, I decided to take on the color project all by myself! My eyes had also been glossing over the Shea Moisture Color System boxes every time I went to the beauty supply store, but I didn’t want to try it out on my own hair since it already is doing a lot of things with color. So my Haute Kinks extensions met the Shea Moisture Color System, and it was a happy happy affair!

My original idea was actually to ombre my hair, and thus I bought two colors: Dark Golden Blonde and Medium Golden Blonde. I should’ve done research on ombreing beforehand, because you don’t need to use two colors, but rather process the ends for a longer time. Anyhow, I’m considering putting more color – maybe highlights – throughout my Haute Kinks using the Medium Golden Blonde, now that I’m feeling all extra cool and such. Y’all know that I like to run my mouth about hair ideas and then just put my hair in some twists and call it a day so I also might end up just doing a giveaway lol.


Overall, for an at-home hair color newbie – so new, I’ve never even done henna before – the Shea Moisture Color System was an extremely easy project. The one issue I had was that I had a hard time telling if and when the color was going to run out. Once I went back to check on the hair to process, I then noticed there was still 1/3 of dye remaining! Being a cheapskate believe you me I then did my best to pour that on and leave the hair to process some more, but I’m doubtful it had any effect because the instructions said that the dye is ineffective after 30 minutes. Sad face. This was made up for by the fact that my Haute Kinks were mad soft after the dye, even though I was lazy and didn’t use conditioner. Shea Moisture officially has moisture on lock in their products, and the color system is no exception.

In summary, Shea Moisture Color is awesome and I now need to find someone’s head to play with because using box color on hair attached to a head might be a completely different challenge!

What are some tips you have for a great at-home color job, on your own hair or on extensions?

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  1. iiiii wanna color my hair! LOL! I keep telling hubby. I dunno if I will or not but this SheaMoisture color has been calling my name since its launch! Love their packaging and all of the extras included with the color. The downside to coloring is finding synthetic hair to match when you need it so keeping it black/dark brown is safe. However, I may be joining you on this golden blonde adventure really soon! Ha!

    1. Just do it!! I have an extra box of the Shea Moisture color 😀 And you just gotta mix 4 and a few strands of 30 together