Black and Female-Owned Soweto Hotel |

Historic Black and Female Owned Soweto Hotel in South Africa

My mom and I traveled to South Africa over spring break thanks to a sweet flight deal over Christmas that most people used to head to Dubai (for more on travel savings, check out this post). We are both very pro-black empowerment so we decided we wanted to stay in the neighborhood where South Africa effectively segregated mine-working blacks in the 20th century – Soweto (short for Southwest Township).

Black and Female-Owned Soweto Hotel |

In researching a black-owned hotel, I came across the Soweto Hotel, a four-star hotel that is not only black owned and managed but is female owned and managed as well! Black female bosses around the world unite!

Black and Female-Owned Soweto Hotel |

All of the rooms are inspired by the black struggle to end apartheid, and the hotel itself is located in Walter Sisulu Square, where thousands of people met in 1955 to draw up and adopt the Freedom Charter. This is a recurring theme – South Africa doesn’t try to hide it’s history, but presents it everywhere and in different ways, both as a sign of tribute and remembrance, but also as an inspiration of hope.

Walter Sisulu Square Soweto Hotel |
Walter Sisulu Square, outside the Soweto Hotel

Black and Female-Owned Soweto Hotel |

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  1. First, you just schooled me on the meaning of Soweto! *mind blown* Secondly, I’m always so intrigued by places that are so rich in history and exhibit it through the decor, etc. I know y’all had a ball!

  2. A part of history that I may not get a chance to see but I am thankful for you to share with us. I am prayerful that the opportunity do come available.