Holiday Gift Guide for the People You Always Forget

There are some people you always know you’ll want to purchase a Christmas gift for: your parents, your significant other, your nieces/nephews, your best friends. But then there are other people that you only remember after you’ve already spent your entire budget – or worse – after the holidays are over! To help you avoid being viewed as the Grinch, here is a holiday gift guide for the people you always forget, in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond! With a vast selection of products, and helpful lists when shopping online, Bed Bath & Beyond is your one-stop shop for holiday gifting.

The best thing about most of these gifts is that they are all under $50 and can work for a wide array of people such as:

Holiday Gift Guide for the People You Always Forget

Your distant aunt who always invites you to her house for meals, and sends you back with tupperware and foil trays filled with food – Get her this portable bake set and return the favor by inviting her to your place instead. Don’t worry, she’ll still bring food thanks to your gift!

The friend who always blows off your invitations to hang out because they don’t like spending money – An ice mold set will make them remember you every time they pour themselves a drink at home.

Have a coffee obsessed coworker? – Get them a single serve french press so they can brew to their heart’s desire right on their desk.

Your brother’s newest girlfriend whose name you don’t even know yet – This wine bottle glass is a super cute gift that immediately brands you as the sibling she has to impress the most.

The church folk who always invite you over for bible study – this coffee & cookie set makes a great hostess gift, and is the kind of thing people over a certain age love to store in their china cabinets.

Any Secret Santa or White Elephant recipient – this mini waffle maker is absolutely adorable, comes in a variety of colors, and is under $10. Plus who doesn’t love waffles?!

Then there’s you! With all the money we saved by buying all these gifts from Bed Bath & Beyond, we were able to treat ourselves to a Google Home Hub and Mini bundle, which we set up in the kitchen and the bathroom. We already had a Google Home, which we’ve moved to the bedroom, so now we can listen to our favorite Christmas music in every room of the apartment!

Who is someone you often forget to buy gifts for?


Holiday Gift Guide for the People You Always Forget | Ijeoma Kola

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