My At-Home Hair Styling Session with TresseNoire |

My At-Home Hair Styling Session with TresseNoire

It’s been hard for me to grapple with the fact that I cut my hair a year ago. I mean, I don’t particularly miss short hair, but I do miss not having to do anything with my hair. As it’s gotten much longer, especially with all the color and manipulation, I’ve realized I need to do more protective styles with my own hair to limit damage. I’m definitely out of practice, so when TresseNoire reached out to be to be a member of the TresseElite, where I’d receive complimentary hairstyles by qualified hair stylists in the comfort of my own home, I did a quick praise dance!

What is TresseNoire?

TresseNoire is an online and mobile beauty booking platform that specializes in the unique haircare needs of women (and men) with naturally curly hair. It was created in 2014 by Regina Gwynn and Octavia Pickett-Blakely to provide natural curly girls with a custom, in-home (or office!), luxury experience that would save them time and headaches in trying to find the right stylists and style. It currently operates in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York area.

My At-Home Hair Styling Session with TresseNoire |

You can pre-select their desired style or upload their hair inspiration via the TresseNoire website or mobile booking platform, even as late as within four hours of your desired time. After confirming a date and appointment, TresseNoire sends the highest quality textured hair experts to a client’s home (or office) for a complimentary custom curl consultations and styling. You pay online during booking, gratuity included, and your online profile also stores product preferences, hair goals, and other info so that your next stylist doesn’t miss a beat!

My Flat Twist Updo

For my first look, I drew some inspiration from Shalleen-Kaye, one of the sisters behind the poppin brand, Natural Hair Does Care. I figured this would be a cute wedding style, either for a bride or bridesmaid, but I also knew my hair in the front wasn’t long enough to exactly replicate the style, and I didn’t want to have to sit under the dryer for even five minutes.

Taking into consideration the length and health of my hair, my stylist Onica took some creative liberty and decided to two strand twist the front section and create overlapping pin curls. The look took less than 2 hours! Here is the initial style:

After a week, I untwisted the twists in the front for a more voluminous look, which honestly lasted only a few days because the humidity in the South is not a game, and we hadn’t used a product with tons of hold. My lips are also chapped ?

Nonetheless, I loved my low-maintenance updo which kept my hands out of my hair for two weeks!

I can’t wait for my next style by TresseNoire – if you have any suggestions, please let me know! And if you’re in the NJ/NY/PA area, visit for your own at-home natural hair service.

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