How Black Women Paved the Way for Bevel’s Entry to Target

In today’s black history news, men’s grooming company Bevel is now sold at Target! If you haven’t heard of Bevel, nor of the amazing hustler story of founder Tristan Walker, then you’ve probably been sleeping under a rock. Or perhaps you’re so busy dealing with all the hair on your head, you don’t have time to think about men’s grooming ?

How Black Women Paved the Way for Bevel's Entry to Target |

Essentially, Bevel is “a single-blade razor system for men and women with coarse, curly hair which addresses the problem of razor bumps and skin irritation that affects up to 80% of African Americans and up to 30% of people of other races.” They also recently came out with a trimmer, which was endorsed – with a dope commercial! – by everyone’s favorite fine and conscious rapper, Nas.

How Black Women Paved the Way for Bevel's Entry to Target |

Late last year when news broke out that the line of shaving products would appear in Target, I did a slow clap because I knew this was a win for us all. More access to grooming products that reduce razor burns and ingrown hairs will make more confident black men, which will foster black love… and you know I love black love! (Yes, this is how my brain works). I mean razor bumps are to black men as dry hair is to black women – we’re always struggling with them!

How Black Women Paved the Way for Bevel's Entry to Target |

While I am totally excited for Bevel’s growth to Target – especially because Tristan Walker, like my fiance, was a Stanford MBA graduate – I’m not sure the partnership would have been possible without the hard work of the fairy godmothers of the present-day black beauty industry. Lisa Price, The Miko Sisters, and Jane Carter broke into Target years ago and their vision, supported by the natural community’s support, has led to an influx of hair and beauty brands crafted especially for people of color and their curly and coarse hair. In recent years, TGIN, Camille Rose Naturals, Eden Body Works, and Alikay Naturals have popped up in Targets everywhere – let alone Shea Moisture who pretty much dominates half the aisle.

How Black Women Paved the Way for Bevel's Entry to Target |

Since natural hair beauty brands – and black women’s moral and economic support of them – made big retailers like Target see the value in black dollars that support products that work for rather than against us (yes, relaxers have always been at Target, but those are not meant to work with our hair, but to change it), Bevel has been able to enter and transform the space in a BIG way. It’s one thing to have products for us in stores, but tools too? I can’t wait for even more!

Do you think the economic power of black women paved the way for Bevel to enter Target? Will you be checking out Bevel shave systems for yourself or a friend?

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  1. Wonderful news for this brother, I think black women has paved the way for his products in Target. We are inventor,smart and intellectual. We can produce products that yields to our race with efficiency. I am not into men products but will check out the brother products.